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Identify a Heart Attack

Identify a Heart Attack

Dr. PS Malik


A heart attack is never ‘All of a Sudden’. This is a whole process which finally culminates into an attack. Prior to this happening your heart sends you a number of signs which clearly show that an attack is now imminent. It is usually a omission on your part when you fail to pay proper attention to these signs and suffer something which a group of doctors call ‘Widow-maker’ attack.  We here, will discuss a few such signs which can help you avoid this happening of a heart attack.

Fatigue and shortness of breath

Your body may be exhausted and in a need of a rest. A simple rest and refreshment may overcome this feeling. But if this state of fatigue is continuous and is accompanied by shortness of breath for quite a long period of time say for a weak or a month or more then it is something a reliable indication that everything with your hear is not well. Better to visit the doctor immediately.

In women, more than men, fatigue and shortness of breath are more indicated as sure and certain indicators of this hear problem.

Continuous Sweating

Sweating as a result of exercise is quite normal. But if you are not exercising and still have a lot of sweats then it is indicative of more efforts from your heart in sending blood to your body parts. Generally a heart has to undertake more in sending blood to the body cells through the blocked arteries. It makes heart work more leading to more sweating.

Night sweats are almost a sure indicator for women showing heart problems.

Indigestion and retching etc.

Before a heart attack people have been observed as facing problems of indigestion, heartburning and other gastrointestinal troubles. For quite a long time, people ignore such troubles thinking them simple indigestion problems. They usually postpone a proper diagnosis considering it only a matter of taking digestion pills.

Pain, pressure and discomfort in chest

Almost everyone is aware or at least familiar with the left sided chest pain running down the left hand and known as Angina pains. But chest pains are not always there in all heart attacks. It may be a chest tightness or a soreness of chest or simply a discomfort in chest. It feels as if a load is placed over a chest and that load prevents your common breathing.

Other continuous pains in the body

Your body may be having other pains also. These pains are usually of radiating nature radiating from a particular spot to the neighborhood. Apart from the pains as told earlier these pains may appear in other body parts e.g.

·       Stomach

·       Belly

·       Back

·       Throat

·       Teeth or jaw

Despite all if there is a heart attack


A heart attack is not something that can be dealt with by an ‘over the counter prescription’. It needs a specialized attention and care. You have to consult an expert immediately. But by the time you reach an expert you may prevent the formation of a clot by taking an aspirin.

If you have access to homeopathic remedies then Aconitum Napellus 30 (Acon 30) is found more effective in any kind of heart attack. It may save your heart from any damage as a result of the attack.



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