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10 easy ways to stay fit in holidays

10 easy ways to stay fit during the holidays

The holidays bring extra fun. They can also bring extra parties, stress and weight gain. Here are some tips to help maintain your health and fitness all year long. 

1. Stand in front of the food table a holiday party and eat until you’re completely full. OK, just kidding. Actually, avoid the food table trap like the plague. Make only one trip to the food table for one small plate of food.

2. Plan your workouts in the early morning before the holiday festivities. Scheduling ahead of time is the key to sticking to your exercise routine.

3. Eat until you have to unbutton your pants on Thanksgiving Day. Just kidding again. Avoid this by sticking to eating one serving and keeping to it.

4. Plan a family hike, walk or run together. It will be great family bonding time, and you’ll get your cardio in, as well.

5. You don’t have to eat everything. Sure, it’s fun to try different food, but then just eat bite-size samples. That way you can truly taste-test without over-doing it.

6. If it’s too cold out or you’re out of town and away from your gym, do an indoor routine. Do 20 to 30 minutes of abs, lower back and stretching.

7. Don’t go to a holiday party starving. Eat a salad before, and you’ll eat less and make healthier choices.

8. Minimize the nog. Egg nog is tasty, but loaded with fat and calories. Alcohol, in general, and holiday beverages are empty calories that average 200-plus calories per drink.

9. If you’re traveling and away from home, hit up a gym as a guest and stick to your normal routine. Invite your family and friends and make it a field trip.

10. Leftovers be gone. If the party is at your house, send the leftovers home with your guests. One day of over-indulgences beats multiple days of high-calorie and high-fat leftovers.

Bernard, of Boulder, is the director and head coach of Tri Babes Training, 

http://womensmag. com/inside-you/fitness/fit-and-female-10-easy-ways-to-stay-fit-during-the-holidays/


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