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Skipping Meals Will Not Help

Skipping Meals Will Not Help Loose Your Weight

Let's get one thing clear…skipping a meal does not slow down your metabolism! A popular idea right now is that if you skip meals your body goes into "starvation mode". This is where the popular six meal per day diet plan got its start. This theory is based upon a misunderstanding of how diet affects your metabolism. 

Prolonged Fasting and Prolonged Low Calorie Diets is What Puts the Body Into Starvation Mode. 

You body will not shift into "starvation mode" until it has been deprived of calories for a long period of time…24 hours or more. It has also been shown that it takes 2-3 weeks on extremely low calorie diets for your the body to begin adjusting its metabolism. 

Another Fallacy…That Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day 

Why is that? It actually doesn't matter when you ingest your calories during the day. There are certain times when it is more strategic than others, but for the most part if you eat 2,000 calories in a day…you ate 2,000 calories in a day. To be honest, there are more benefits to eating your biggest meal at night.

But…If You Eat Most of Your Calories Before Bed, It All Turns to Fat!

If you eat like a pig all day and then eat a big meal at night, it does turn to fat…but if you eat very few calories all day and then eat a big meal a night, the opposite occurs. It is now believed that protein utilization in your muscles increases dramatically after a fasting during the day. So fasting during the day and eating late at night makes it less likely that food you eat will get stored as fat…it will get stored as muscle instead.

But…Skipping Meals is Unhealthy! 

I've been eating mainly just one big meal at night for close to 4 years and have been completely free from any type of cold or flu virus. I haven't even had as much as a sniffle, since adopting this eating style. I am completely ripped year-round (not bragging, just a testament to how well this way of eating works). Honestly, I have never felt better. 

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The main point of all of this is that skipping meals can not actually help 

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