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What to Write

What to Write



This is really difficult to decide as to what should be written these days. The whole environment is charged. It is charged with emotions, with merchandises, with forces of market, with the demand of justice, with opinions about the reality shows, with views and commentaries on cricket and cricketers, with Netas and their money making, with Babas and their blunders. One other charging pole Media particularly the electronic media is also contributing towards charging the atmosphere. 

Where will this charge go? People feel that something should be done. EM (The Electronic Media) has assumed the duty of guiding them on this point. They are telling people to go the rallies; they are telling people to join marches; they are telling people to watch their channels to increase their TRP. One case was registered showing the channels are not interested in increasing their TRP only but their treasuries also. Deals are forced to be made by the other parties otherwise their secrets will be telecast publicly and that telecast will increase the TRP. One retired media person told that some of new media personalities are working in a hi-tech style of what some ancestors used to do in Chambal. He called them ‘Gangs of Gennext Chambal’.

On the other hand Babas are arrested on the ground that someone has alleged rape against them. Baba’s son is also being tracked for the same offence. People went their for peace and got something else.

Netas are also being tried and found guilty. Public elected their kings and the kings are alleged to have eaten what it was for the public’s cattle to eat. Incomprehensible.

Things are clear. The vision is fizzy. Sometimes darkness descends all around. Next moment some light is visible. We unleash our hopes to have shelter there. But before it happens that light is alleged to have been arrested on the allegation of it being a copycat of star.


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