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Understanding Women by her Hidden Language

Understanding Women by her Hidden Language


There’s a saying that if you’ve been going out awhile, you can walk into a room and in as little as 60 seconds tell who is interested in you and who isn`t. If you want to learn how to attract women, this is a valuable skill. Ask around, talk to those who hang out at the clubs, you’ll see -- other singles will verify that after you have gone out for awhile you automatically start to pick up on this. They can never seem to explain how they know all this exactly (though they’re sure to have a story or two to tell you), but they just know.

Your Subconscious Reveals When And How To Attract Women - Pay Attention  

What happens is that after much experience, your subconscious begins cataloguing all the clues that automatically ring a bell and say, "This person is interested."

Read this statement given by one expert, who quotes a female with experience in this area:

One woman I know has been in the singles game for years [and] really knows how to operate. [She] tells me that she can be at a dance and get anyone [she wants] to dance with her. She seems to think she does it with ESP. She says, "I just look at them and think ‘come over and ask me to dance’" and they always do! She has taught some other girls the little secrets and they found it works, too. I personally feel, however, that it has nothing to do with thought transference or E.S.P. She and they are letting them know unconsciously by outside body language and their eyes.”

Such signs can tell you whether you will get a "yes" or "no" if you ask them to dance, for instance. If you catch on to all this you’ll theoretically never get turned down for simple requests like a dance or, after a few minutes of talking, a phone number, because you only ask those who have already indicated interest.

Normally your conscious mind may never perceive these subtle clues at all. Of course if you’re not a barfly, a night owl, or a bar-hopper, you’re clearly at a disadvantage here. And even if you do frequent the hot places in your area, not being conscious of these signs may still give you some handicap.

So now it`s time to learn the subtle signs which reveal that you might be her Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Right Now. By keeping a close eye on a woman`s body language and her reactions to you, you can determine if she is interested in you. 

And the more you practice, the better you get at reading women.

[Important Point:

Women who are already in a relationship can still give signs of being interested in you / attracted to you, however will usually never act on those signs.]

Want To Attract Women? Watch The Signs

To start, here`s a list of 13 positive signs that she`s interested in you:

1. She bites her lips or shows some teeth, licks her lips or runs her tongue along her front teeth.

2. She rubs her chin or touches her cheek - this indicates that she`s thinking about the two of you relating in some way (that is, if she`s looking at you... If she`s looking at a plate of food, you might want to check her waist-line!).

3. While talking to you she is slowly stroking her cocktail glass up and down with her thumb and index finger - damn, now that`s some serious sign language!

4. She gazes in your eyes with deep interest and her pupils are larger than normal. Studies at the University of Chicago have shown that when someone looks at something or someone they like or are intrigued by, the pupils of his or her eyes grow larger. If they find something or someone unpleasant, the pupils contract. U.C.’s Dr. Eckhard Hess says this strange phenomenon has nothing to do with the amount of light entering the eye, and that it can occur in either the best-lit or the darkest places; in fact this curious occurrence is not even controlled by the same part of the nervous system.

If this is true, it means that when you walk into a room and someone glances at you, you are capable of telling if they are interested by the size of their pupils. If there is enough light to see those peepers, you can tell; the eyes become sort of flashy. If you are aware, you will soon catch on. Other experts agree with the university’s findings. Some say there’s been evidence of this for a long time, and add this tidbit: some of the Civil War-era southern ladies discovered that by taking a drug which enlarged their pupils, they could be the ‘belle’ of the ball (hence the name). Many of the men there would literally fight over her because they were apparently all getting the "message" she was interested from those enlarged pupils of hers.

Have you ever noticed that look in the eyes of a woman when you’re kissing her, and the sparks are flying? Or maybe you’ve seen it when the action starts to get really hot? It’s the look of pure lust sweeping over her. Her eyes should have much of that same look of interest, of the desire to know you better, and tear your clothes off and get to know you better.

5. Big smiles with upper and lower teeth showing, and a relaxed face.

6. Her crossed leg is pointed towards you; or, if that same leg is rocking back and forth towards you.

7. She blows smoke straight out from between her lips and towards you.

8. She winks at you while talking to you or winks at you from a distance (classic).

9. If she is wearing a see-thru top, you can see that her nipples are getting hard while talking to you and looking at you (watch out with this one -- don`t let her catch you staring at her tits for too long!).

10. She starts sitting straight up as you’re looking at her or talking to her, and her muscles appear to be rather tight (these are signs that she`s anxious -- that`s right, women get nervous too when there`s an attraction going on).

11. She raises or lowers the volume of her voice to match yours... She really wants you to notice that she`s interested!

12. She begins playing with her hair as she`s talking to you, or as you are looking at each other. Also, another great sign that she`s interested is when she shows up somewhere where she knows you`re going to be beforehand, and her hair and make-up are all done-up, as if she wants to impress someone. Consider this a `follow-up sign`... This woman has given you previous signs that she`s interested, and now a signal of this magnitude is the capper.

Make your move.

13. She exposes the palms of her hand(s) facing you - This is an example noted by several experts, that an interested woman will open or face her palms to you when you approach. They say it is usually a sign that the woman is receptive to your advances.

If there are no signs coming from her, you may want to re-evaluate your situation; in short, don`t waste your time with this one. Don’t believe the bullshit you see in movies -- trying again and again to “win her heart” when she`s not interested makes you look pathetic. Move on, and only consider her again if for some reason she begins showing signs of real interest.

Otherwise, this situation is not only frustrating, but can be hell on your self-esteem. Why suffer rejection when you don`t have to?

When there is no sexual magic, start looking for a new conquest, simple as that. You’ll be amazed by how quickly you can find more interested women if you just take the time to look. Truth is, women have been doing just that to guys for hundreds of years -- almost as soon as arranged marriages ceased, women began to understand that when someone clearly isn’t interested (or is no longer interested), it hurts to leave at first, but after that initial hump looking for someone new is the best way to forget about the old flame who just isn’t on fire for you.

But how do you know when a girl will probably never be interested, or worse yet is just interested in you for some ulterior motive (money, gifts, etc.)? Hey, we’ve all been burned with this fire one way or another. Hopefully, the seven extra rules below will help you to separate the diamonds from the hunks of coal -- before you’re too involved.

Sure, that cute girl may be sending you all the signals we’ve just discussed; the problem is that some girls can imitate the body language of someone who is really interested (such as our previous example of the southern belles), and use that ability to get something you possess, or to get to someone else close to you that they like better. Don’t be fooled; women like this are only users.

You’ve already learned how to know if she may be interested in you; now find out which women you should avoid altogether. We’ve put together 7 simple rules:

1. If she asks you to buy her a drink the first time you flirt with her, then all she`s probably wanting is some poor sap to buy her drinks and save her money.

2. If you are on a first date with her, choose something in which you don`t need to spend too much money; also, don`t bring her a present on the first date (no flowers, chocolates, or diamond rings - You are the GIFT. If gift giving has been your game in the past, STOP. Ignore the the temptation as much as possible.

3. If you’ve been talking to her for a while, ask for her phone number. If she won`t give you her number, forget her. Or... keep a sharp eye on her body language to see is she really is interest. Often a woman will tease you, by acting interested, but then doing things to confuse you by not giving you a phone number, etc.

[For all you newbies to Seduction Insider, this is called She`s baiting your interest, and by denying you her phone number (while giving you signs that she`s interested), makes you even more interested. The chase starts and you can`t get her out of your mind.]

4. After the first (or maybe the second) date, say something like, "Maybe we can talk again soon. Give me a ring sometime . . ." It is important to tell HER to call YOU because she will only call you if she is interested... And if she is really interested, she WILL call. Women will do crazy things for guys they are truly attracted to.

5. If she is always "too busy" to meet or talk, and you find after three occassions (maximum!), then she`s not interested.

6. Does she only want you to do things that she seems to need to have done? For example, if she is calling you only because she needs someone to repair her car but never calls you for a normal date, then move on - if a woman isn`t as sexually interested in you for romance as you are in her, then this relationship has a basic weakness that may be an unsolvable problem.

In other words, if you are the only one making sexual advances, if you feel as though it`s a battle to get her interested or aroused, then she`s probably not sexually attracted to you.

7. If you find out that she has a boyfriend or if she even tells you that . . . forget her, let her be - She may say she is interested in you and that she might leave her boyfriend for you; fine, then let her leave him before you start showing interest again.

Now remember, she may indeed not be ready for you right now for some truly valid reason; but don`t fall for excuses given again and again. The specific ones: This isn`t the right time; I don`t feel well, etc. Or the general ones: I`m still suffering from a bad relationship and need time; I have a lot of important things on my mind; I`ve got a fatass and a yeast infection, and so on.

That’s all these really are when you hear them again and again, excuses. If she were truly attracted to you, there wouldn`t be any excuses. Things aren`t going to get better; there will always be an excuse.

Try using the above methods and ask yourself if the ratio of giving and taking in this courtship is about 50/50, or if you are carrying the greater share of the load. If things aren’t equal, then stop giving and see if she still wants to continue what you two have begun. And don’t become blind because of your feelings and/or her body language -- or her body, for that matter. Even a "user" may have a sexy smile.

In fact, users are often the most sexiest - they`ve learned a long time ago that their sex appeal is their power, and now accentuate it when times call.

One last thing to mention here: the first time you see someone, she might not be able to respond to an "interested" message at that moment because she is still maneuvering and checking out a couple of other "interested" messages herself.

In other words, if she is even somewhat attractive, there are other men hitting on her, make no mistake about that. Other Men Know How To Attract Women

So she might pass you over tonight. The next time you two are together, you may refuse to show any interest because you feel you were rejected last time; it’s understandable. But if you’re still interested, give it a chance to play out. Don’t take that first rejection too seriously, since you probably don’t know the reason(s) behind her turning you down that first time. Realize that each time you meet, the situation and the mental competition may be different. But if she turns you down about three times (maximum!), leave her alone, we can’t stress that enough. Don’t treat her like a bitch, (that only shows her that you care -- big social mistake), but just act as if her rejections were no big deal. If you’re still wondering about her and you need tangible proof of her interest/disinterest, get yourself in a situation in which she sees you with another woman who is about her age, laughing and having a good time. Observe her out of the corner of your eye; don’t make your observation too obvious. If she’s interested at all, she will be watching the two of you intensely.. If she doesn’t seem to care or notice, she was never interested -- her reasons are her own. Move on, it wasn’t meant to be. If you have been out hitting the town much, you`ve probably noticed two people coming together in the same room for the first time, and sparks literally fly between them. They hardly say a word to each other and leave together shortly. That’s the power of understanding eye and body communication!

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