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10 easy ways to stay fit during the holidays

The holidays bring extra fun. They can also bring extra parties, stress and weight gain. Here are some tips to help maintain your health and fitness all year long. 

1. Stand in front of the food table a holiday party and eat until you’re completely full. OK, just kidding. Actually, avoid the food table trap like the plague. Make only one trip to the food table for one small plate of food.

2. Plan your workouts in the early morning before the holiday festivities. Scheduling ahead of time is the key to sticking to your exercise routine.

3. Eat until you have to unbutton your pants on Thanksgiving Day. Just kidding again. Avoid this by sticking to eating one serving and keeping to it.


10 different ways to lose weight

Do it for yourself

The motivation to lose weight and keep it off has to come from within you. If you're relying on gimmicky diets, you may still be hoping for some magical solution outside yourself.

Think 10 per cent

People who focus on losing just 10 per cent of their weight may have the best chance of long-term success. And dropping those first pounds produces the biggest health gains like decreased blood pressure, lower blood cholesterol and lower blood sugar, to name a few.

Take it one pound at a time

Crash weight loss programs rarely work. Even if you're able to stick with the severe calorie deprivation or the extreme energy output required, such quick-fix regimens leave you totally unprepared for the moderate but permanent changes needed to sustain the loss. Experts recommend that you strive to drop no more than half to one kilo a week while working to develop eating and activity habits that you can maintain for a lifetime. 

Weigh in weekly

Evidence from several studies indicates that people who maintain weight loss hop on the scale at least once a week.

Get support

Finding a buddy to cheer you along will make the weight loss effort that much easier. 

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