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God of Contradictions


Birth of the God and its early childhood:

Learned ones say that in the early years of his birth, man needed an answer to all the mystic questions posed by the nature. Wherever he had no reason he invented a super-reason. He called this super reason – the God.

Subsequently this concept of God was coupled with  life, norms of life, moral conduct, social values, rituals and performances. As the consciousness of man developed and he evolved a systematic study of surroundings his this super reason and the mysticism around it started being questioned. The super reason and all related mysticism were then known as religion and this systematic study of surroundings is known as science. The friction between the religion and the science has been an essential part of the human history of civilization.

The God and its theory have always been under the attack not from the scientists only, which goes a few hundred years back in time, but also from those members of the society who claimed themselves to be analytics and are as old as is the society and the concept of the God. They claim that they are as old as is the God. History calls them as atheists.


Mediocre Minds Plead Reason, Higher Ones Transcend It …



Right from the beginning man has been in pursuit of acquiring knowledge. Initially he did it with the observations of the surroundings. Subsequently this study of surroundings was named as science. The sciences explained how the events take place, what are the causes and effects of particular events. This development of science took place in the background of religious beliefs where the rituals were mainly related to some unobservable results. For example the religious beliefs asked people to do good to get wealth in heavens. Sciences asked them to follow a particular series of acts to get wealth in this world. The religion asked for unobservable results mainly based on faith while the sciences asked for observable outcomes based on achievements. Human psychology preferred the later. People found sciences more convenient to them.

This preference was based on the observation of people that this world is objective which has an ultimate reality. They thought that this ultimate reality could be discovered through the scientific discoveries. This belief of people that the ultimate reality is discoverable through some scientific procedures was strengthened by those procedures themselves. When the science broke a particle a new sub-particle level was found. It was, therefore inferred that one day as the technology provides a suitable gadget the ultimate sub-level will be discovered and thereafter the sciences will reach their ultimate peak. This optimism of people about the ultimate reality through the scientific methods made them develop a psychological mental framework regarding the superiority of sciences, matter, objectivity, reason etc. 


Male needs Polygyny, Man finds Monogamy III (Solution Part)

This article is the sequel of 

Male Needs Polygyny, Man Finds Monogamy I (Problem Part)

It has been seen through researches [(Jennions, M. D. & Petrie, M. (2000) Biol. Rev. 75, 21–64) and (KATHARINA FOERSTER, KASPAR DELHEY, ARILD JOHNSEN, JAN T. LIFJELD & BART KEMPENAERS http://www.nature.com/nature/links/031016/031016-9.html)] that Polygyny is a default mating system for all primates including humans. Due to cultural development the males and females in human society agreed to abdicate a part of their individual rights. Females wanted a partner who was willing to share the parenting responsibilities. The male on the other hand wanted a dedicated female who was available to him as per wish and who could guarantee the loyalty and the paternity of her offspring.

This agreement was for the convenience of both the males and the females. But it could not change the males Biologically. It could not change them from what they were created by the raw nature. Otherwise also the forced values are never sufficient to curb the basic instincts (see Spirituality is not the Morality).


 Male needs Polygyny, Man finds Monogamy I (Problem Part)

Human race was evolved biologically and then it raised itself culturally. Doctrines, morals, ethics, laws etc. are all part of this culture which the human race has developed. But different localities developed their cultures differently. They have variations. 

The manner of procreation is one such area where this diversity is more noticeable. In defining and reshaping the better and appropriate mode of natural and non artificial mode of procreation we have to delve into the psyche of human beings as a species rather than as a political entity.

Politically there is no difference between a man and a woman. They both have rights to cast equal votes and attain same or similar political objectives. But some people, after starting it from this political equality have stretched this concept of equality too far. They want to undo all the difference between man and woman only on the basis of political assumptions even if those differences are far beyond the political domain. For example, despite being of different physical structure and mental psyche woman was forced to pursue a political slogan and was asked to do the same things as a man used to do by his very nature. This has stretched the stamina of woman. Now woman has started feeling tired with these hollow unsceintific but political slogans.


Stress is an Opportunity

Remember always that everything needs its rest period. It is to regain one’s self energy. This rest period is not against the nature nor against the activity, the rest period gives it liveliness, vitality. Some psychologists have worked on only one problem—stress. And they came to some very profound conclusions. One is that stress is not always wrong. It can be used in meaningful ways. It is not necessarily always negative. Thinking stress as negative is always negative.

When stress is there, use it as creative energy. First, acknowledge it; there is no need to fight with it. Accept it, it is perfectly okay. Stress is simply an indication that the body is getting ready to fight with the situation. Now you try to relax or you take painkillers or you take tranquilizers; you are going against the body.


Prostitution of Spirituality

Prostitution is offering one’s body for money. Here offering body is important. A laborer does not offer his body, he offers only his labor for money. Here the difference between offering body and offering labor should not be lost of sight. Prostitution is not gender specific. A female or a male any one can be a prostitute. Male prostitutes are known with a specific noun – gigolo. Another type of male prostitution is also prevalent among Gays. Simply they offer their body for the enjoyment of others. In return they receive money.

Here are two sides. One enjoys the body and the other enjoys the money. For the first one, the money is worthless against body and for the second one the body is worthless against the money. For convenience, you may call the first one prostitute and the second one the customer. The prostitute seeks money and spends body for that. The customer seeks body and spends money for that. The prostitute is hungry of money. The customer is hungry of body.

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