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How to Enter Meditation

How to Enter Meditation

Meditation is a stage when you are in interview with yourself. When you are meeting yourself you are in meditation. It is as simple as that. All natural events are simple. These are the Pundits who make a thing complicated. Breathing takes place in a natural way; it takes place without mathematical calculations, without scientific theories and formulae. So is the happening of hunger, love, sleep and sex. All they just happen in the most simple manner.

They all become complicated and complex when it comes the turn of Pundits to explain them. They give theories, formulae and other explanations. Pundits make all simple things difficult. So they have done with Yoga and Meditation. The existence of Pundits is dependent on their making the things complicated. If they do not make the things difficult then nobody will go to them to seek their help. Pundits have a vested interest in complicating the things.

This time they have ‘Yoga and Meditation’ in their clutches. Yoga and Meditation are the most natural body poses and practices which keep the working of body parts in tandem with one another. Yoga brings one’s body and mind in conjunction. It adds nothing from outside. It just uncovers what is hidden there inside a person. One has to locate his real self. And that’s it.

India is the birth place of Yoga. This is undisputed. In India it is undisputed that the first and foremost treatise on ‘Yoga and Meditation’ was written by Patanjali in his book YOGSUTRA. Only a few people know that Patanjali has not given even a single Aasan. All these Aasans were added subsequently. Pundits have added them. They are still adding depending upon the gravity of the pocket of their customers. But with utmost sincerity all the Aasans are being sold in the name of Patanjali and Yogsutra.

Patanjali has just talked of realization of breaths and nothing more but Pundits have just discovered more than 10 thousand types of Pranayam in the name of Patanjali. This is a sheer anarchy.

So far as Meditation is concerned it is a western term. In India there had been the concept of Đhyan. If this Đhyan is analyzed then it is a simple state of being when your awareness is not tainted with the thoughts of the outside world. It is a state of pure consciousness unblemished by outside world.

Once upon a time there was a king. He wanted to learn how to make gold. He pressurized his minister to bring the formula. The minister was a Pundit in fact. He told the king that he had arranged a formula. But the king was required to be baptized before using the formula with an essential condition that during the baptizma the king was to obstruct the idea of a monkey in his mind. The trick of the Pundit worked. The king was never able to stop the idea of a monkey during baptizma.

Today’s Pundits ask the seekers to stop the flow of ideas in the mind. This is more difficult than the demand of king’s Pundit. He wanted to stop only one idea of monkey. But these Meditation Pundits want you to stop all thinking process from your mind. They entrap you as that Pundit entrapped the king.

Meditation is a state when you are with you; when none else is there except you. But these clever Pundits have introduced themselves in between you and you. They have made you childishly chase a mirage. You are there trying to enter Meditation but you are motivated to stop yourself in the form of thoughts. Pundits have prompted you to forget that these are your thoughts. These are your mental faculties. You cannot win over them. The fight for a win is meaningless here. On both side of the front it is you who is fighting. Whichever side loses your loss is certain.

But Pundits have motivated you to chase this illusion. They have laid down bulky rules for it. When you find difficulty you consult a Pundit. He for a good amount of fees gives you further theories to win your fight against yourself. This theory furthers fortifies your thoughts. You are more trapped. You are more prompted to the advices of the Pundits.

The result is simple and clear. You may or may not enter Meditation but the Pundit certainly enters the arena of opulence. You may please calculate the wealth of the Pundits known to you. It is their trade and not your Meditation. Meditation is something which has been spoilt in the whole process.

So to enter Meditation the first and foremost thing is to get rid of the Pundits around you. There cannot be an intermediary when you meet ‘you’.

So far as entering Meditation is concerned just sit at a comfortable place in a comfortable posture in a comfortable outfit. And that’s it. Peep into yourself; deep inside you. You will find there so many things – memories, imaginations, plannings, astray words, their projections etc. Don’t be discouraged. It is you from inside. You look so bizarre to yourself because you are viewing you for the first time.

This interview is more authentic then the one the Pundit had told about. Don’t go by the rosy picture painted by him. Don’t chase or try to chase miracles in your Meditation right from the first day.

It has just given you an overview of your inside. Let yourself be well acquainted with all details of yourself. Don’t make haste to change the scenario. This is a process. Everything will happen itself. I cannot tell you precisely what will happen to you because it is your journey. None else, than you, can be a witness of it. If that other claims to be a witness oR a master of your journey he is misleading you. None else can be a traveller on this journey. You have to be alone with yourself.

This is your journey. Proceed yourself – Alone; unaided and unbiased.

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