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Being Beyond Mind

Being Beyond Mind


Your mind is a collection of memories and imagination. These memories are composed of largely of your experience. These experiences emanated from your senses. Therefore what you gathered through your senses is the basis of your experience.

When you make new permutations and combinations of your experiences using your cognitive faculties they become your imaginations. You may imagine a beautiful partner having nose like an actress, hair like that of a model and whose voice is similar to a radio jokey with a fervent of a known laureate. You may imagine all these things near a lake in Switzerland with a Chinese mountain in the background where you propose her offering a pack of fragrance invented by Moghul Emperor. This is all imagination. You can imagine it.

The problem with experience is that it is dead and cannot be recreated. The problem with imagination is that it exists only inside the brain and not on the ground. It cannot be acted upon. Experience is of the past and the imagination is mostly about the future. Both are non-existent. Both are useless.

Most of the humanity is trapped in this noose of past and future. They are wasting their time. To enter the existence you have to transcend this trap; the trap of words created by gurus, pundits and spiritual experts.

In this section of articles we will go to a journey where such a transcendence is a possibility.

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