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Labyrinth Meditation


A labyrinth is almost a circular or an oval pattern of ways around a center. The paths proceed from the periphery to the center in a whirling manner. When a person moves along the path in a Labyrinth and reaches the center he is surprisingly calm and serene. His mind becomes quiet and peaceful.

Labyrinth meditation is an unusual meditational method. It is a rare combination of Yoga’s Pranayama, Sufi’s whirling and Osho’s Dynamic meditation. Whenever you feel helpless in abandoning your unruly thoughts you may choose Labyrinth Meditation. Its practice has a tremendous effect on the internal awakening. Even in these days the labyrinth meditation is practiced with a great success.

In this video we will discuss step by step procedure how to go for Labyrinth Meditation.


Entering The Labyrinth

When you feel pressed by the mental agony, anxiety or deviated by any problem and you decide to go for a labyrinth meditation you have be in a submission mode. You have to be a gatherer of cosmic energy. That energy will boost your level and ameliorate everything that disturbs your mind. You surrender yourself to the cosmic powers and should be to receive something peaceful in your mind.

Make a prayer to whom you bow.

It is not religion specific so you may abandon your ego before any power you believe in. it may be God, Bhagwan, Allah or Jesus or the Guru. The only requirement is that you should be open to grasp and receive the energy vibration.

In the labyrinth you may enter with shoes or barefoot. The choice is with you. But when you are bare feet you may feel the earth and your body is more open and sensitive. Chose the course which you like.

Begin your walk.

The first step sets you in a receptor mode. You may choose any speed as per your suitability. The paths in labyrinth take you in succession near and far from the center where there is the destination. You have to reach the center at the same pace.

But during the course of walk you go near and far from the center. This disturbs the habitual thinking of your conscious mind. Your walk continuously changing your position with respect to the center and this change is not in an already familiar way. Here there is something new.

During the course of your walk just try to go deeper and deeper inside you. You will feel a change in your internal structure. If you believe in deity then feel a compassion of it on you otherwise you may feel your inner space during the walk.

Enter the Center

On this steady pace you gradually approach the center. When you are on the entrance of the center slowly and pleasantly enter the center. Stop your motion.

Here your body has stopped but your cerebrum is still in the motion. This is the same stage as when you enter Pranayama in Yoga practice. You feel a stationary with a vibrating inner self. Here also you feel a stopped body with a vibrating cerebrum.

You may now stand, sit or fall down on the ground. You may do as you like. Feel the whole process.

Stay at the center as long as you feel like it. This takes you deep in meditation.

Walking out.

When you are ready to rise up, just walk out. Take the same course of paths but in reverse direction.


Accept the insights and gifts you may have received. Adopting a sense of gratitude will always facilitate resolutions. Offer your thanks for what you have learned.



A Labyrinth is not a maze.

A labyrinth is not a maze. A maze is an intellectual challenge while a labyrinth is a spiritual practice. The maze is solved by using your conscious mind while labyrinth is followed by your subconscious mind. While moving in a labyrinth always shut your mind and open the heart.

It is rightly said that while walking inside a maze you seek the center of the maze on the other hand while walking in a labyrinth you seek the center of yourself. Although the name of center of the labyrinth is used but in fact it is the center of the seeker. The one who seeks peace and calmness.

The process of Labyrinth

A labyrinth has been devised spiritually to bypass your logic. Inside a labyrinth sometimes you feel yourself very near to the center but as you move more towards the center it appears going far away from you and then again all of a sudden it starts approaching you. Your logic stands defeated inside a labyrinth. It is against your logic that a thing is near but appears to be too far. Simultaneously when you go near the center it appears to be going away.

In the figure Point 1 is the farthest from the center but looks very close to it. Point 2 appears to be farther than point 1 from the center but approach wise it is closer to the center. Similarly Point 3 appears the farthest point out of points 1, 2 and 3 but in fact it is the closest point to the center.

It is a spiritual practice to defeat the intellect and allow the awakening of a deeper perception. This deeper perception is from your subconscious mind. It is far beyond the reason but quite near to your center, the center of your existence.

The labyrinth shows you that the Life isn’t really linear and it’s not always as smooth as we think. Nevertheless, the centre is always here, in the midst of all the twists and turns. The labyrinth is indeed a beautiful imagery of the mystery of life.


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