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Who is the biggest Me, My Mind or My God

Who is the biggest Me, My Mind or My God?

This is a question you generally ask. You want to know the hierarchy; you want to know your position in the hierarchy so that you become satisfied. Others also ask it. They ask because they are not satisfied with what they know about it. They want to remove their dissatisfaction. They are dissatisfied with them and their information about their place. They have disturbance in them; in their minds. They invoke God just to inflate their status. God is merely an excuse. They want to give credence to their disturbance. They want either to repel the inconvenient part of their knowledge or they want a support to the convenient portion of their fumbling knowledge. But they want to know.

A good number of you claim that they know that they are an atman – a soul. They know that there is a God. They know that the God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. They learnt doctrines. On any availability of a chance you can speak a lot about you, your atman, your mind and your God. More learned you are more equipped you are to tell about you, your atman, your God and other related things and ideas.

On the other hand some of you know that you are a physical body; well proportionate mixture of chemicals which in their particular proportion create a sensation of self perception. You know hundreds of books on this aspect and further thousands of articles telling about the cosmological theories of celestial bodies. You claim to know the permutation of the celestial bodies, gravitational pull among them, conversion of celestial dust into white dwarf stars or the supernova via the state of being a star. You have theories in support of each of your arguments.

There are some others amongst you who are well indoctrinated about amino acids, developmental chronology of organic process on the planet earth, chromosomes, genes and a scores of concepts which were written by their predecessor colleagues in library books.

You know yourself either as a spirit i.e. atman or you know yourself as a physical body. Some of you might be knowing yourself as a combination of both of the atman and the body. Some others of you would be knowing yourself as a psychosomatic entity. Still some more among are possible who would be knowing yourself in some other ways, other permutations or combinations. Whatever form of yourself you know is an information based knowledge; a knowledge of yourself. You have a knowledge of yourself as you have the knowledge of parks in your locality, as you have the knowledge of rivers in a particular state or the knowledge of human skeleton as given in the books of biology. Your this knowledge flows from the information you receive. You know a fact on the basis of an information as it is made available to you. Please take notice that you know these facts of information as these are made available to you. You have not generated this knowledge. You have merely received an information from those to whom you appreciate and respect for their knowledge. But their knowledge is again a bundle of informations as it was yours. The only difference is the number of sticks in that bundle; the number of informations in that knowledge.

Your knowledge does not transcend the information you receive. Your knowledge is a result of the information. It is born of the information. You have knowledge about you is equivalent to say that you have an information about yourself. You have and you receive information about you is the only predicament before you.
You know yourself through informations. You don’t know you because you are you but you know you because you are informed that you are you. You are available to you not as a direct existence but as a second or third hand information provided by other external source.

Your “you” is not available to you. Whatever is available to you is only an information from others about “you”. You do not know “you”. You have not seen “you”. You have never met “you”. You have just heard about “you” through the informations provided by others.

Your “you” is lost.

Similarly you receive informations about God. You receive informations about God’s omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence and his compassion, justice, mercy and other attributes. You take those informations to your mental faculties, process them and then deduce a conclusion about God. You arrive at the conclusions of God’s corporeal or incorporeal nature, about the God or the Gods, about His gender whether He is a male or a female, then you conclude about the relationship – web of Gods and their relative powers; the supremacy of one over the others, then you draw conclusion which God is subservient to which other God; so on and so forth.

Thereafter a discussion is invoked if the God is corporeal or incorporeal; if the God is one or more; if the God is man or woman; if the God was born or incarnated; if the God wore yellow or blue clothes; if the God of religion X is superior to the God of religion Y; if the God H is superior to God S of the same religion? There may be hundred similar questions those are asked and replied to about the God or Gods.

A few of you who are not of so pain taking nature exclaim that it is all God’s mysticism and those who are more valiant stride further to reply to these questions. They keep on thinking. They devise answers about God and God’s existence. They create adjectives for God. Omnipotent, omniscient, merciful, all pervading are some of such adjectives. They then amend, alter and correct those answers and adjectives. Then these answers are presented to the world as a philosophy or religion. They claim to have unfolded the mysteries of God.

After sometime a second wise person comes and objects that if God is all powerful then why did God not save me (that wise person) from a particular accident despite all offerings given to Him. Other intelligent people come and start amending and altering the attributes of God so that the query of the earlier intelligent person can be ‘satisfactorily’ replied to.

Everyone is busy. A few are busy in posing questions to the attributes of the God and others are busy to edit the God suitably so that all those questions can be replied to satisfactorily. 

Whose satisfaction they want to achieve? Is it God’s satisfaction? Certainly not; it is the satisfaction those who are posing the question and those are replying that question. It is the satisfaction of those people which is being addressed to. 

What is “the” farce here is that the God has never been consulted on this dispute. None asks the God if HE likes a particular adjective devised for HIM. Nobody is bothered about the God. They are bothered about the verbal jugglery which they prefer to call “about the God”.

They are creating, editing and deleting Gods as per their wish and convenience. They are not concerned about the God but they are concerned about a God which is as per their logic; a God which is as per their convenience; a God which is as per their doctrine.

Certainly, any such God has nothing to do with the God of the Universe. It is a God created by such intelligent people. This God has been created as a usual web page is created by a web developer. It can never go beyond the intellect and imagination of that individual or the developer who created it. Any other individual or developer may come in future and raise hundred questions about the form, appearance, utility and applications of such God or Gods. 

This God or any such God which can be thrown to the “Recycle Bin” by a single click of you cannot be bigger than you. You created it so it cannot go beyond your permissions which you have assigned to it. 

In the earlier part of the article you saw that you were not “you”. You are not there in existence. What existed was merely a bundle of informations. You are nowhere. 
Now at this stage you find that your God is still feebler. You are already lost and this God is a creation of that lost creator. This God is merely a shadow of informations stored in the lost you.

You are not real you; your God is not the real God. 

Be a bit patient! 

We are on the concluding part.

In fact you are lost in a mental game; A game of mind. Mind makes you play. It makes you play those games which look real but are more virtual than the fantasy games. First you see what your mind is?

Mind is nothing organic. You intersect a body there will be no mind. There is nothing like a mind. You have a brain, you have neurons, you have nerves, you have a spinal cord but you have no mind. Mind is convenient name given to the observable brain functions, particularly which drive your senses or are driven by your senses.

It is an imprint of your past experiences. It is an imagination about future. The mind is a linkage between your past and future. The brain has undergone tests of the past so it has developed some involuntary evolutionary ways of working e.g. in a case of distress your brain will function in a direction to save you. This is an evolutionary development and has nothing to do with you and the Absolute. Imprints of the past, imaginations of the future coupled with the evolutionary developments are known as mind.

You are not aware of the working of your mind (you are not even aware of yourself). Mind always works on the basis of past experience or the future imagination. Sometime it mixes both of them. It produces some weird permutations also. It may show you a creature which is combination of ten wild animals and seven deadly weapons. Such creatures are usually shown in Hollywood films. But it is nothing more than a new wrapper over old goods. This new wrapper creates illusions and hallucinations. You take it as a new product, while it is not.

It is your mind there which is forming new permutations and combinations in the name of God. The real God has no correspondence to that permutation or combination. It is only a mind game. It is being played in your mind individually and collectively. However it gives you an illusion of being a reality.

You are lost; your God is artificial and your mind makes you believe that you are indoctrinated and your God is the Absolute. It places you in an illusion.

Now please ask again ‘Who Is the Biggest – Me, My Mind or My God?’

You got the answer. Now you better know where are you placed now and who placed you there?

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