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Your Existence is a risk to Society II

Your Existence is a risk to Society II

After its previous part Your Existence is a risk to Society I

But this society has tried to invent and develop a technique to tackle those spiritual incidents of the human consciousness. This technique is called psychology. This psychology gathers some information from the observations of the common man of the time and applies it to those who claim to have received the light. These observations are gathered from those members of the society which are the products of the teachings of the society. Their conduct and behaviour will conform to those social standards. The observations gathered from those persons would be in total conformity of the social values, stigmas, taboos, traditions etc.
When these observations are applied to those who get a glimpse of the light, who refuse to shed their originality and who revolt against the shackles of society these observations are bound to fail in their predictions. This psychology is insufficient to predict about the behavior of those Messiahs and Avatars. This psychology can predict about all Toms, Dicks and Harries but cannot predict about Guru Govind Singh, Oshos, Vivekanandas, Mansoors or Rabias.
Hence this psychology is nothing more than a social tool, again, used to maintain a streamline flow of social duplicity. This psychology is to tell about the conformity of behaviour of its subject against the behaviour of those who established it. For the societies it is indicative only regarding the potential problem areas of seething originality. This psychology discharges its duties as a watchdog of the society which created it. Only those are allowed to exist and cherished in a society who, are in accordance with the guidelines of the society. And those who are not, are vhemently opposed. Those who are originals are always opposed by the society.

Those who are originals always transcend the psychology.
This commendation of the society that one should inculcate good thoughts - is also against the nature.  
Thoughts are never good or bad. It is their evaluation by the concerned ones which make them, or more appropriate to say declare them as good or bad. Which are in line of the society they are called good and those against the line of the society are called bad. That is why the Messiahs and the Prophets are always stoned or crucified. Their originality is not suitable to the concomitant set ups.
The society promotes the objective of reducing a person's mind into a junkyard. The society has its interest in preventing and suppressing his freedom.  
Once you are free, you raise questions on the social beliefs. Your questions break the social inertia. Inertia is always convenient. Inertia allows them to rest and exercise their 'psychological' commands.
Originality does not follow convenience.
Now understand that your liberation from the thought process is a simple attack on the roots of social inertia. For this reason the society always tempts you to breed thoughts. Social champions always write essays for inculcation of new ideas. They fill you up to the neck with this garbage (of thoughts). Please refer to the article "Imprisoned by Thoughts".

The society enslaves you through your thoughts. But you have an option; an option to freedom. You may choose not to be enslaved by the thoughts. You have an option to refuse to be  a captive of thoughts. We have the way; the way to salvation. But only those should try this path who are bold and courageous enough to explore the new possibilities.
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