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In my childhood I was told:

Ubhayatra Sadasat Samanvayah

HE is equally both saŤ and asaŤ (Real and non Real)

But I did not understand it. I again asked my great grand maternal father if Brahman was real (saŤ) then how can (could) it be unreal (asaŤ) at the same time. He explained me and I pretended to have understood it. But infact I did not.


During my graduation, after about 10-11 years of that incident of saŤ and asaŤ Brahman, I was studying Pair – Production in quantum physics.  An electron and a positron (a pair of material particles i.e. saT) annihilate each other giving rise a pair energy quanta - nuetrino. This nuetrino is not a material particle it is merely an energy. It is only a possibility of existence. These two nuetrinos again merge into each other to create again a pair of an electron and a positron. The 'possibility of being' again reincarnates into a being i.e. the material particles.

And the concept of saŤ and asaŤ Brahman was more than clear to me. Now I could actualize the meaninglessness of distinction of "Bieng" and the "Potential of Being". Now I could see the "Being" (saŤ) and the "Potential of Being" (asaŤ) as the extension of the same existence.

The seed sown by a religious scripture at that time had germinated now after having incubatory warmth of a scientific concept for a gestation period of 11 years. Amazing!

A distinction between 'a being' and 'a possibility of being' is merely illusory. A distinction between 'a saT Brahaman' and 'an AsaT Brahman' is only superficial. The science explains a problem of Philosophy.
This was once again I realized the fallacy created by some people and thereby declaring sciences and religions as essentially being in an ever pervading conflicting mode. If this universe is composed of small particles then each particle is a window to look into the details of the Universe. The quantum physics says it so. How it says so would be discussed later in the articles of the Article Hub. One such article is “Mediocre Minds Plead Reason the Higher Ones Transcend It”.
Religion says that it is not the Universe. It is merely a universe amongst countless Universes. It says if a window of a single particle can lead to the truths of one Universe then it can further lead you to some other super Universe of net Totality of the Existence. The number system may become redundant to describe that totality of the existence.
Many a people call it a conflict between the sciences and the religions but I call it an intermediary stage of development of ever-developing sciences. Sciences are likely to take still more time to grasp religion in objective and communicable terms.

In the present world on one hand is the theory of Braham Satyam Jagat Mithya while on the other hand there are target fixations and their achievements on a corporate horizon. But it is again the same thing which I indicated elsewhere whether you perceive to have a participation or participate to make a perception.

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