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Vaishnavi defeated Dengue

Vaishnavi defeated Dengue

A Delicate Doll Defeated the Dreaded Dengue


In the evening of 25.9.13 my beti Vashnavi was down with the Dengue. She was reporting a bone-breaking pain all over and on measurement her temperature was found crossing 102 Deg F. She was almost unconscious and not in a position to tell me all her symptoms. I talked to one of my doctor friends who had seen her in the day time. He told me that she was suffering from Dengue.

I use and practice Homeopathy. It does not identify the diseases rather it takes care of the individuals facing physical problems. Secondly it was a test for me also if I can expose my daughter to widely assailed Homeopathic Placebos or would prefer go to ultra-modern medical facilities available just next door. The choice was really difficult.

I went with my conviction and belief in homeopathy and gave her a dose of Eupatorium Perfoleatum 200. I immediately prepared a bottle of wet dose with Arsenicum Album 30 and Aconitum Napellus 30 in a water bottle. This water bottle was given for repeated sipping after each 15-20 minutes. 

After about an hour I observed that she was feeling pain whenever I touched her face or hand. Some swelling was also apparent on her eyes, nose and forehead. I gave her Apis Mellifica 30 with Belladona 30. For two hours there was no control on fever or body ache. I procured some allopathic medicines lest complications should develop at late night hours.



About 3 hours after starting the homeopathic remedies she opened her eyes and asked for something to eat. Some fruits were given.

Thereafter she talked to me for some period of time about her school, friends and her pets and then wished me good night.

In the morning she was almost free from all symptoms except with some ache in back and a bit raised body temperature. Eupatorium Perfoleatum 200, Ars. 30 were repeated. All the day long she remained without any other medicine homeopathic or otherwise. In the evening she took normal dinner with me.

At the second night, as a matter of precaution I repeated the aforesaid dose of Eupatorium Perfoleatum 200, Ars. 30. 

And the next morning Vashnavi stood victorious against Dengue.

This has a message also. Dengue is not as fatal as is being made by the market forces these days. People are dying not because of Dengue but because of their ignorance.

Human lives are precious. Save them with the fullest of your earnestness. 

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