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Back from Death-Bed

Back from Death-Bed


This case was sent to me by one of my colleagues. The doctors in Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital, Mayur Vihar have returned him without further hope. He went to a particular private hospital. Doctors there, administered steroids to the patient but the unfortunate patient did not respond even to them. His stomach was extremely distended and swollen (Ascites). He could not take even the smallest amount of food. The doctors put him on substituted nutritive method. To add more to the problems he started having attacks of intermittent fever. Every time he felt a lump in his right upper stomach. Two days back he had faced respiratory attack and needed oxygen supply to survive. The doctors asked his family to go for liver transplantation.

Tests were conducted on the patient and his wife. The environment was sad and hopeless. One of his relatives told despaired family about Homeopathic Hopes. One of his cousins approached me. Due to some pre-engagements I could not go and requested one of my colleagues to go and interview the patients.


The patient told to be of hot temperament but consequent to his fever he was chilly at that time. The thirst was increased. The choice of drinks was Meethi Lassi (sweetened buttermilk) and lemon water. He was feeling an increased hunger but could eat small amount of food. That food too was vomited after sometime. Prior to this problem he liked to eat Karela, Daal and Egg-Bhurji. He used to have a craving for sweets and sweetened curd.

He reported swelling in his legs below knees and a pain for pressure on upper belly (epigastrium). He liked to sleep for hours with a continuous drowsy feeling. During his respiratory attack he did not have any pain.

One very indicative symptoms he told that he could lie in bed on right side.

First prescription

On 15.10.13

Phos. 200 was given twice a day; this was complimented with Lyc. 200 + Hydr. 200 once.

In the next morning he reported to get a relief from retching and vomiting. He could take a bit of oral nutrition.

On 16.10.13

The same dose was repeated

Next morning the patient was relieved much more. Even his swelling was reduced. Feeling of retching was gone and vomiting was almost cured. No visible change in his swelling on calves but the patient reported a sense of calmness in in legs.

On 17.10.13

The same dose was repeated

By the time of last news the patient was preparing for a discharge for the hospital so that the remaining Homeopathic Course can be completed at home. However the doctors there did not advise him the discharge.

I would complete this journey as the time progresses.

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