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Psora Miasm

Psora Miasm


*  PSORA has numerous sensations of vertigo

*  brought on by walking, motion, looking up and quickly, rising from sitting or lying; bilious vertigo, floating, from digestive disturbances, with spots before the eyes; desire to keep quiet by lying down, which >.

*  There are sharp, severe, paroxysmal headaches which come on in the morning, increase as the sun rises and > when the sun goes down. These are usually frontal, temporal of parietal. The headaches with red face, throbbing, > by rest, quiet and sleep and > by hot applications are psoric.

*  The bilious nausea and vomiting, coming on at regular intervals, > from rest, quiet and sleep, are psoric.

*  The skin and scalp appear unclean, and there is much itching dandruff and dry eruptions on the scalp, either papular or eczematous, which itch. These eruptions are < in the open air, < evenings; > by scratching, but burning and smarting follow the scratching.

*  there are no structural changes under this uncomplicated stigma

*  The psoric eye is intolerant of daylight or sunlight, and the symptoms are < in the morning, from the rising of the sun to the zenith, and > by heat.

*  Ptosis of the lids is never psoric, but syphilitic.

*  Psora is always hungry; this miasm has desires and longings for many and various things. They are hungry even with the stomach full; they are never satisfied even while eating.

*  They crave sweets, acids, sour things; in fevers they crave indigestible things. They long for travel, yet they are weak and debilitated; they long for things the system is wanting; they long for certain things, but when the want is gratified they do not want them.

*  There is a weak, gone feeling in the stomach in the middle of the forenoon; hunger at night also is a prominent symptom.

*  There is a repugnance to boiled foods; they crave fried and highly seasoned foods, meats and greasy foods, but these do not suit.

*  The sense of fullness, gas, bloating, etc., are markedly psoric traits, and they are accompanied by heartburn and waterbrash. Most of the aggravations of psora occur after eating.

*  Psora desires hot foods; syphilis prefers cold food; sycosis wants the food either hot or cold. Psora desires meats, but the combination of psora and syphilis, in the tubercular diathesis, has an aversion to meats.

*  The coughs of psora are dry, teasing, spasmodic and annoying. The expectoration is usually mucous, scanty, tasteless.

*  The sensation as of a band is psoric.

*  The psoric heart conditions are very much influenced by strong emotions, joy, grief, fear, and so on. These conditions are < eating and drinking; there are palpitations and eructations of large amounts of gas; sometimes the pulsations of the heart will shake the whole body.

*  Psora alone produces more marked anasarca and dropsical conditions than sycosis. The sycotic patient succumbs before the dropsical condition becomes marked; but the union of these two stigmata produces conditions in a marked degree.

*  An opposite indication of the psoric stigma is the involuntary urination when sneezing, coughing or laughing. There is smarting and burning on urination, but not from pathological causes.

*  Erysipelatous manifestations are a combination of psora and sycosis.

*  The psoric patient has the symptom of coldness associated with even slight ailments; with headaches there is a deadly coldness that is almost worse than the headache itself, and this is much < by continued effort and > by lying down where it is warm and quiet.

*  It kills the psoric patient to stand still; he must walk instead of standing, even if he is on his feet but a brief time.

*  Weakness of the ankle joints is a sure indication of the presence of a syphilitic taint in combination with the psoric stigma.

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