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BRB - A Case of Thuja

BRB - A Case of Thuja

Age 41 yrs




On 07.12.13 He reported

  • A Mild throbbing which started in May, June, July 2013 in right side semi lateral temporal region;
  • Twitching of eyes with a feeling of being shrouded in a dark cloud;
  • MRI at that time showed nothing noticeable
  • Later he started a pain in the inner aspect of elbow joint which doctors diagnosed as Golfer Elbow
  • His Uric Acid was also diagnosed as to have been increased;
  • Urine was of light pale colour with no odour
  • He was unable to eat red chillies which caused inflammation in oesophagous, urethra and anus; this inflammation could be washed only by drinking a lot of water
  • Has a problem with thyroid with TSH 9.7 in Aug. 13
  • To ameliorate all these problems he started to have walks which improved the things upto a great extent
  • Doctors were keeping him on Topamac 25; Petril Beta 10 and Thyronorm 62.5

In reply to questions put by me he told:


  • He reported about him as being sensitive, concerned with the future of his own children
  • Religious
  • Keeps reading religious books in free time


  • He has a continuous uncomfortable feeling in right semi-lateral temporal region, a dull pain with continuity
  • But his pain was asymmetric; it was only on one side and that too on right;
  • No noticeable cause or time of aggravation or amelioration was known


  • He usually drinks 6-8 glasses of water daily; 2 on waking and 2 at night
  • Water was taken at normal temperature; no preference for cold water; although in winter he may have Luke warm water
  • He does not have any craving for any food though he is a strict vegetarian
  • He takes normal diet, as guided by the specialists


  • He is a bit constipative, for a motion he needs two glasses of water on waking
  • It takes about 15-20 minutes in completing the evacuation process.
  • Stool is sticky, dark pale and without any specific odour


  • He has to pass it repeatedly and frequently; because of this problem he cannot travel by bus as he cannot retain it in that duration
  • No diabetic complaints
  • Urine is of light pale colour and without odour


  • Highly disturbed
  • On beds keeps lying for late engrossed with the thoughts of the day
  • With some sleeping pills now has a sleep for about 7-8 hrs and without pills it would reduce to 5-6 hrs
  • He has abundance of dreams; all related to the past;
    • Past characters appear in dreams in quite new avatar


  • Red, itching excoriations in thighs and scrotum
    • This is most aggravated in rainy season and after a long walking
  • Small warts on neck, both sides
  • Small eruption on cheeks, whithout any height from the cheek level,
    • Primarily it appears as if after ant-bites; diameter about 0.5 mm
    • Pictures are attached
  • For last several months he has a feeling of prickling in body skin; it happens intermittently;
  • This prickling is aggravated by heat of the bed


  • He is uncomfortable in warmth and hot climate
  • He has a desire for cold air
  • Although the AC room causes his nose being stuffed

On 08.12.13 he is given

Thuja 30


3Times a day for 3 Days


            2 Times a day for 10 days

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