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Kali Arsenicosum

Kali Arsenicosum

(Fowler's Solution)

Jan Scholten

Vithoulkas has talked about Kali Arsenicosum in relation to its fear of heart disease, but he hasn't said much about the rest of the mental symptoms. The first case I will present below is an old case, based in Vithoulkas picture, with little reference to the group analysis, because I did not know what to look for at that time. The second case includes the group analysis, based on the type of questions I had learned to ask by then.


  • Duty Redundancy
  • Principles Bailiff
  • Work Thieves
  • Rigidity Avarice Poverty
  • Alone Precise
  • Closed Alone
  • Restless
  • Dissolution

Group analysis

  • Doing your duty to avoid redundancy
  • Working as a bailiff
  • Rigid and precise
  • Failure comes stealthily and unannounced
  • Doing your duty in cases of bankruptcy
  • Restlessly doing your duty
  • Keeping quiet about your fear of making mistakes

Picture of Kali Arsenicosum


  1. Doing your duty to avoid redundancy
  2. Doing your duty to avoid being made redundant

They feel they always have to do their duty, otherwise things will go very wrong. They never stop, they can't afford to rest, afraid to risk their job or their career. They are equally precise regarding their health, as if they don't take care, things might go very wrong. Their body may dissolve, just as their job may dissolve.

They are scrupulous in their observation of the smallest symptoms, in case it is the first sign of something serious. It is their duty to warn the doctor, but if he says there is nothing to worry about, they feel he hasn't taken it seriously and he hasn't done his duty.

Work as a bailiff

Their job often revolves around a kind of termination. They may choose to become a doctor, where the theme of work is around life and death. Or they become lawyers, where they can make judgments around redundancies, inheritances or bankruptcies, or they work as a bailiff where the termination of an era of possession is the central theme.

Rigid and precise

It is their duty to work in a controlled and precise manner.

If they make a mistake it may result in someone being wrongly condemned to pay a fine or give up his job.

If they are not extremely conscientious as a doctor they might miss the first signs of a fatal disease.

They don't tolerate mistakes, either in themselves or in others. And mistakes always happen at the most unexpected moments, usually when their attention has been momentarily diverted.

Expressions Fears:

disease, health, felt in the stomach, cancer, heart disease, death, alone, others, family, thieves, burglars, poison, murdered, expectations, failure, criticism, opposition, observed, anticipation, constriction; nervous.


Futile efforts, paralysis, thieves, burglars


Dead people, falling, thieves, mistakes, crime


(<) mistakes, (<) contradictions, (<) insult.


Complaining, gloomy, (<) exertion, crying.


Grocer, civil servant, manager, police officer, clerk, judge, translator, accountant


Loss of job, loss of money, burglary

Generals Type:

Dark, robust




Cold , (>) heat (3), (<) draught.


(<) 1 and 3 am; periodical, every 2 or 3 weeks


sweet, sour, vinegar, fruit, lemon, refreshing food, mustard, spices, milk, coffee, warm food, fat; drinks in small sips.


Fat, meat Food: (<) melon, sour, fruit, strawberry, ice-cream, alcohol, spoilt food.


Profuse, frequent or late; (<) menses.


Restless, sleepless, (<) 1 to 4 am.


  • (<) coition, (<) touch, exertion, (<)(>) motion, (>) sitting bent forwards, (<)(<) tickling (2!). Complaints Weakness, emaciation. Cancer. Leukemia. Sepsis. Stitching pains (3), burning, (>) heat 
  • Discharges copious, watery, acrid, yellow to green
  • Oedema, ankles, eyelids, medial upper side
  • Headache, left, radiating to eye and ear,
  • (<) stooping, (<) lying down. vertigo.
  • Pain in eyes (<) light. Colds, hay fever; watery, acrid discharge; sneezing, sinusitis. Asthma (<) 3 am, (>) sitting and (<) lying down.
  • Pneumonia with stitching pains in pleura
  • Affection of heart, pains (93) and fears, palpitations,
  • High B.P., arteriosclerosis, sudden stoppage of heart, low B.P., anaemia.
  • Affections of stomach, pain, ulcers.
  • fear felt in stomach.
  • Nausea and vomiting, little and often.
  • Diabetes. Diarrhoea, little and often, foul odour, with cramps; cholera.
  • Kidney affections, urine profuse. Syphilis. Back ache with sciatica (3), (<) pressure, (<) lying on painful side, (<) menses. Hip problems. Eczema, red, scaling, dry, pustules;
  • psoriasis; thick skin on palms of hands and foot soles.
  • Hair-loss, problems with nails. 

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