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Tellurium for Sorcoidosis



The name is derived from the Latin word Tellus meaning earth. It was discovered in 1782. It is heavier than Iodum although it has a lower atomic number. It has some metallic and some non-metallic properties. It is quite similar to Selenium.

It is used together with Selenium and Bismuth to make tiny refrigeration units based on thermo electric effects. Other uses are: radio detectors, silver alloys to retain shine, disinfectants. Coloring of silver bromide in photography and semi-conductors. It increases the electrical and heat conductivity when it is combined with other metals. It is also used as a catalyst in the vulcanization of rubber.


  • Lost Creation Inspiration
  • Used up Ideas culture
  • Expectation Unique Admiration
  • Tempting Aesthetics: Beautiful Ugly
  • Deepen Art Science Mysticism
  • Remembering Show Performance
  • Imagination Fantasy Queen Ambition
  • Reconciliation Hurt Humiliation
  • Using up Sexuality
  • Neglecting Lazy Middle age
  • Rotting Town Province
  • Dwindling Voice Hearing

Group Analysis

  • Lost creativity.
  • Expecting admiration.
  • Experimental art: extravagant.
  • Tempting with tricks.
  • Using up your creations.
  • Giving away your creations.
  • The theoretical artist.
  • Theorising about designs.
  • Living on your reputation.
  • Professor in retirement.
  • The veteran top sportsman.

Picture of Tellurium


  • Neglecting Your Creativity
  • The loss of creativity

They feel that their creations are no longer accepted by the general public. They have come to the end of their career and it is only the goodwill of the people that keeps them going. They are not taken seriously anymore. They don't take themselves seriously either, but they still get very angry when they are not being accepted or understood. This feeling often comes about after several big projects have failed. It can also be the situation of someone who has had it too easy, who has never had to exert himself to create something and who therefore doesn't take his own talents very seriously.

Neglected as an artist

They often give their power away so they no longer have a grip on what is happening. Or they handed over their financial affairs to an agent so they no longer have a say in the matter. This is also a way of handing over responsibility.

Experimental art: extravagant

They become interested in experimental art. They have grown tired of the well-trodden paths and are searching for freedom by indulging in all sorts of experiments. They are really different from the rest. Their creations are extraordinary. They are the musicians who like to improvise. It also saves them the trouble of having to study and rehearse their pieces, so it makes life a lot easier. They tend to be quite provocative; they like to see the reaction when they produce something strange. They like to lure their audience with clever tricks.

Neglecting their unique creativity

Their creativity is going downhill and they tend to neglect it. In the beginning they will continue to make new designs, but they don't bother with the final product anymore. Their presentation become more and more shabby and disorganized and they don't take themselves seriously anymore. Later on their designs become fewer and fewer because they think that it is wasted on the general public anyway.

Fantasies and memories of the good old days of fame

Eventually all that is left is the memory of the old days when they were still famous. They tend to fantasies about all sorts of abstracts ideas, about art and about the things they would have created. It is a dream world in which they create the most wonderful things. And when others remind them that these days are over they feel very upset.

Expecting admiration

They expect to be admired, even if they do very little to deserve it. If their experimental and extravagant designs aren't immediately recognized as something very special they become indifferent towards their audience. They'll become slack and careless because they expect to be dismissed anyway. This careless presentation causes the public to lose interest very quickly and so they get into a vicious circle. They make very little effort to convince people that what they are presenting is really something worthwhile. They expect others to recognize the uniqueness of their creations without any further explanation.

And so they become indifferent to fame and admiration. They may even provoke the public and create an adverse reaction.

Eventually they start to neglect themselves and turn into a shabby artist. Hence their own dislike for shabby types, drug users and other down and outs.

Living on past reputations

Although they know that they have lost the fame they once had, they simply can't believe it. I used to make the most wonderful things; I used to be really famous, where has it all gone? They prefer to live in the past, the world of memories is infinitely better than the present reality.

The veteran sportsman

This is the top sportsman after his career has come to an end. He still plays in the odd veteran competition or charity tournament, but all that is left of the great days is memories and photograph albums.


< means "worse from"

> means "better from"


Heights, narrow spaces, shows, performances, speeches, being touched, looked at or threatened, accidents.


heights, falling, smoking cigars.


haughty, cheerful, sensitive to atmospheres, serene quiet, indifferent, gloomy, crying.


grumpy, angry, violent, temper tantrum, (<) humiliation and hurt.


dull, absent minded, forgetful about business.


music, singing, parties, top sports.




artist, painter, writer, scientist, singer, musician, teacher, doctor, priest, vicar, bishop, shaman, governor, secretary, representative, advertising agent, public relations officer, top sport man, woman.


disasters, humiliation, hurt. Generals


left, upper part, right lower parts, left handed.


warm, (<) heat, (>) outside.


profuse (<) (<) exertion, smells of garlic.


(<) 5 am and 9 pm; periodical, every week; gradual.


melon, apples, chocolate, vegetables, fruit, ice- cream, bread, salt, cold drinks.


melon, fish, crab, meat, tobacco.


Worse from - melon, rice.




Sleeplessness, worse from lack of sleep; sleepy. Falls asleep while doing things, narcolepsy.



laughing, sneezing, coughing, being touched; (<) pressure, lying on affected side, rest, rubbing. Complaints Cancer. Weakness. Bruised pains, stitching, burning, radiating; itching. Vertigo. Neuropathy.

  • Demyelinisation. Headache above left eye, neck, congestive.
  • Eye: inflammation of iris, choroid and conjunctiva; infiltrations, cataract (<) accidents; pterygium; lachrymation; visual disturbance. Ear infections with watery, stinking, acrid discharge, which may cause eczema. Yellow, grey or green discharge. itching in ear, radiating to throat. Loss of hearing. Colds with watery discharge; blocked nose. Hawks mucus from nose to throat. breath smelling of garlic, metallic taste, no appetite, injuries of the liver (Dreisbach).
  • Problems with voice: hoarseness, loss of voice, stammering.
  • Lung complaints. Pain in stomach, heartburn, nausea; stomach feels empty and weak, after headache, plus fainting. Problems with testes, ovaries and genitalia. Urine smells of ammonia. Sciatica, (<) laughing, sneezing, coughing, pressing during stool, (<) sitting, lying on back, stretching, stooping, moving, changing position, (>) warmth, lying on left side; plus tingling on lateral side of thigh and foot. Pain in back, dorsal area.
  • Pain in neck, stiffness, arms. Pain in hollow of elbow, muscles too tense, radiating to hand. Hamstring tendons too tight.
  • Ringworm. Eczema on hands and feet, ears and occiput, itching and stinking.



Delusions, drawing, he were drawn forth and wafted quickly in the direction of his legs, as floating in air like a spirit, on going to sleep. Fear of being touched on sore parts. Neglecting everything


Discharges, excoriating, fetid, offensive, like fish-brine, watery

Eruptions, lobes, vesicles, caused by discharge from ear


Obstruction alternating with discharge


Great dryness of skin of face


Odour, garlicky


Mucus, drawn from posterior nares, Saltish, like fish brine


Sexual desire increased followed by sexual indifference


Pain, dull, heart, on waking at night, > lying on back; stitching, heart, extending to left scapula, < lying on left side.

Palpitation, when lying on back or right side, with stitching pain in heart, with tightness of chest


Sleeplessness from vertigo


Smoking cigars


Odour, rank, during menses


Itching, in cold air, of spots which perspire





Apples; beer; bread, in evening; fatty bacon; salt


Rice [= vomiting].


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