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Spongia Tosta

Spongia Tosta



•• [1] Hahnemann - 11 provers; method: unknown.

•• [2] Fincke - 1 female prover, 1850; method: one 1-drop dose of 30c.

[1] Sessile Marine Invertebrates; Queensland Museum, Australia. [2-3] Buchsbaum, Animals without Backbone. [4] Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; translation D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson. [5] Leeser, Coelenterata and Echinodermata; BHJ, April 1960. [6] Caras, Venomous Animals of the World. [7] Klaassen, Casarett and Doull's Toxicology.



valves. Larynx. Trachea. Bronchi. Glands; thyroid; testicles; lymph glands. Nerves. * Left side. Right side.



DRY, COLD wind. Roused from sleep. Exertion. Raising arms. Before midnight [sleeps into aggravation]. After sleep. Sweets. Cold drinks. Ascending. Thinking of symptoms. Touch and pressure. Stooping. Lying on right side. Warm room. Sudden change of atmosphere. Full moon.


Lying with head low. Eating a little [> cough]. Descending. Bending forward. Warm food and drinks. Drinking [> cough]. Rest [> many symptoms except those of the respiratory organs].

Main symptoms

Fear of heart disease.

  • "Marked anxiety, fear of death, and suffocation, associated with palpitation and uneasiness in the region of the heart; mental symptoms showing that Spongia is a heart remedy." [Kent]

Wakes at night in great fear [with fear of suffocation].

  • "Towards morning: starting out of sleep from a shock experienced in the direction from the trachea upwards, as if she would be suffocated, passing off on sitting up in bed. Expectoration of saltish tasting slime. [Next night] Attacks, starting out of sleep from a sudden lacing together in the larynx as if she would be smothered, so that she must sit up quickly, and hawk strongly and hastily, after which the attack goes off."1

Takes some time to rationalize his surroundings.

After roasting Spongia for 2-3 hours in a close room, Hering experienced a peculiar state of confusion: • "After coming into open air, crazy feeling; head feels as if inflated, and as if elastic; feels strange all over, and sickish; sees everything double, cannot distinguish objects, things seem to move up and down; is obliged to lie down, when all the symptoms lessen. He lay from 3 p.m. till next morning without eating anything; during night had copious sweat, and felt the better for it. Headache on rising in morning, getting better after washing and taking breakfast." [Hughes]

Undefined fears [ghosts or monsters].

Childish; not well organized mentally.

Easily frightened Great alarm

  • "She was very easily frightened, and started at every trifle; it always seemed to shoot into her feet, and afterwards they seemed to remain heavy." [Hahnemann]

Reserved; doesn't like to talk much.

Averse to change

Prefers to be inactive and rest.

Needs to be attached to somebody, feels dependent but doesn't like it. [Mangialavori]

Alternating moods

Cheerfulness alternating with aversion to work

Cheerfulness alternating with lachrymose mood, with quarrelsomeness, with vexation

Irresistible desire to sing, and excessive mirth, followed by sadness.

Tubercular diatheses.

  • "Especially suits young persons of tubercular parents, who remain weak, are pallid and do not thrive." [Kent]


< Cold dry weather

< Dry weather

Great thirst and hunger

Increased hunger before and during menses [due to empty feeling in stomach].

Craves sweets [but sweets < throat and larynx symptoms].


[cough, dyspnoea, pain in stomach, bellyache]


Suffocating spells, as if a cord about neck [cough, asthmatic, cardiac].

< After sleep

> Wet weather.

< MIDNIGHT; 12 p.m. - 2 a.m. 

< Lying on RIGHT side. > Lying on BACK.

< Ascending.

DRYNESS of mucous membranes, esp. of respiratory tract.

  • "In proportion to the extent of rattling, this remedy is decreasingly indicated." [Kent] G GLANDULAR affections. [inflammation, enlargement, induration] G Intolerance of and aversion to tight clothing. G Basedow's disease. P Sore throat < SWEETS. P Acute colds settling in the larynx. Resulting in hoarseness, great dryness of the larynx, croupy cough, rawness. Larynx sensitive to touch. Pain < singing, talking or swallowing. P COUGH HOLLOW, BARKING, CROWING, SAWING or CROUPY. < Cold drinks [may >].

> Eating [warm food]; warm drinks.


NO rattling of mucus. Dryness.

> Warm drinks and sitting forward [or > bending head backward].

Asthma coming on about midnight.


Palpitation, waking the patient at night, esp. after midnight

And Sensation of suffocation

  • "Instead of constriction, there is a sensation of progressive swelling in the heart region. The patient feels as if the heart is swelling more and more and will finally burst, and the sensation of fulness spreads up into the neck. This sensation of fulness and swelling is very much aggravated by lying down. ... Not infrequently they also complain of numbness of the lower extremities. As a rule, the face and neck look congested." [Borland]
  • Suffocating palpitation from slight exertion.
  • Rheumatic endocarditis; angina pectoris; valvular insufficiency.
  • "Dr. P.P. Wells, of Brooklyn, New York, mentions the effects of an involuntary proving of the drug by an old coloured servant who had an organic disease of the heart. She stealthily stole and ate a piece of fresh roasted sponge. The effects was sudden and alarming. It produced a terrible beating of the heart, a suffocation which threatened to prove fatal, her lips became livid, respiration violently gasping, great pain in the heart, terror, and fear of approaching death. After ten or fifteen minutes, the symptoms began gradually to subside and the dose was followed by a very remarkable relief of her old heart symptoms which lasted for several weeks."2

Chronic orchitis; squeezing pain.



Awkward while working [1].

Cheerful, with destructiveness [1/1].

Contemptuous [1]. Defiant [1]. Delusions, visions of fire [1], he is persecuted and tormented by a scene of some mournful event of the past [1/1]. Dulness, says nothing [1]. Fear, of ghosts [1], of heart disease [2], of suffocation, at night [2]. Abundant ideas, clearness of mind on closing the eyes [1]. Indiscretion [1]. Overactive [1]. Singing alternating with loathing of work [1/1].


Head feels as if elastic [1H].


Colours, red, luminous appearance [1]. Diplopia, > lying down [1/1]. Flashes on closing eyes [1]. Objects seem to be moving up and down [1]. Sparks, before headache [1].


Taste, of glycerin [1F]; of fresh nuts [1F].


Sensation as if teeth were large and swollen [1].


Choking, at night on waking [1F], > hawking up mucus [1F].


Thirst after smoking [1/1].


Asthmatic, > bending head backwards [3].


Heat, on motion [2/1], on smoking [1/1]. Sensation of swelling as if heart will keep on swelling until it bursts [1B].


Heaviness, feet, after fright [1HA].


Position, lies with head bent backward [2], lies with head low [3].


Full of cares [1]. Exhausting [1].


Symptoms > during perspiration [1H].


Itching, in cold air [1], without eruptions [1], of perspiring parts [1].

* Repertory additions: [B] = Borland; [F] = Fincke; [HA] = Hahnemann; [H] = Hughes.





Delicacies. [1]: Beer; cold drinks.


Tobacco. [2]: Fat. [1]: Butter; cold drinks; milk; sweets.


Warm drinks; warm food.

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