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By Munta

Cough is nothing but a reflex which occurs in respiratory system. Cough can be caused by number of factors such as mucus in airways, irritants, bacteria or foreign substances. Allopathic doctors usually suppress the cough with bronchial mucus repressive agents but this can damage the airways especially when cough is productive. Cough is commonly seen in those cases where there is suppression of skin itching by ointments. Irritation on skin may shift to bronchial mucus membrane which can produce cough reflex. Homeopathic Remedies works wonderfully in curing cough, no need to use nasal drips for cough if used Constitutional Homeopathic Remedy. Homeopathic Medicines work even in night time teasing coughs. A single dose of Homeopathic potency can produce long lasting relief in chronic coughs. No need to use Homeopathic dosage daily if indicated properly in chronic coughs.

There is nothing more significant to a patient's deep nature than a particular cough (Charles Dickens).

 This is to say how important it is for the homeopath to have a good ear for music.

Homeopathic Remedies for Dry Cough:

 Cough By tickling in root of throat, teasing cough:

 -- Agg. By inspiring the least cold air;

Agg. cough at night; preventing sleep:

  •  3 granules, as needed: RUMEX 4C is very effective Homeopathic remedy for cough.

 -- if cough is amel. by drinking cold water; agg. by bed warmth; sore hoarseness :

  • 3 granules, as needed: CAUSTICUM 4C works wonderfully in such cough cases.

Homeopathic Medicine for Extremely teasing cough; when the coryza stops; frontal sinusitis

  • 3 granules, as needed : STICTA PULMONARIA 4C


Extremely dry and painful cough Homeopathy Medicine:

 --  agg. by the least movement; extremely dry and thirsty :

 • 3 granules, as needed : BRYONIA 4C

 --  chest burning; exhaustion, pneumonia; hemoptysis :

 • 3 granules, as needed : PHOSPHORUS 5C

Homeopathy Medicine for Painful hoarseness; suffocation Cough

 --  before midnight; high fever without sweat; fearful :

 • 3 granules, as needed : ACONITUM 4C

 --  before midnight; barking; main remedy of acute laryngitis :

 • 3 granules, as needed : SPONGIA 4C

 --  spasmodic; every inspiration provokes cough; amel. at seaside :

 • 3 granules, as needed : BROMUM 4C

 --  burning throat and chest; burning nose discharge :

 • 3 granules, as needed : ARUM TRIPHYLLUM 4C

Throat constriction; agg. at night; amel. sitting up; jealousy

 • 3 granules, as needed : HYOSCYAMUS 4C

Homeopathic Treatment for Spasmodic Cough

 In restless and capricious child; agg. Cough at night :

 --  teething; sudden high fever; diarrhea; profuse night sweat :

 • 3 granules, as needed : CHAMOMILLA 5C works excellent in cough for such a child.

 --  dry; related to parasitism; periodical (lunar months); capricious :

 • 3 granules, as needed : CINA 4C

Homeopathic Medicines for cough if Vomiting copious mucus from lungs:

 --  postnasal catarrh; agg. during sleep and when waking up; whooping cough :

 • 3 granules, as needed : CORALLIUM RUBRUM 4C

 --  thick; viscid; agg. around 11 : 30 P.M.  and early in the morning :

 • 3 granules, as needed : COCCUS CACTI 4C

 Homeopathic Remedies for Whooping cough:

 --  after midnight; repeated paroxysms; feather in larynx; hoarseness :

 • 3 granules, as needed : DROSERA 4C

 --  a few paroxysms in day; many at night; severe whooping cough :

 • 3 granules, as needed : MEPHITIS 3X

 -- Cough amel. by drinking cold water; sudden attack of dry asthma; cyanosis :

 • 3 granules, as needed : CUPRUM METAL 4C


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