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The name is derived from the Latin word Tellus meaning earth. It was discovered in 1782. It is heavier than Iodum although it has a lower atomic number. It has some metallic and some non-metallic properties. It is quite similar to Selenium.

It is used together with Selenium and Bismuth to make tiny refrigeration units based on thermo electric effects. Other uses are: radio detectors, silver alloys to retain shine, disinfectants. Coloring of silver bromide in photography and semi-conductors. It increases the electrical and heat conductivity when it is combined with other metals. It is also used as a catalyst in the vulcanization of rubber.


  • Lost Creation Inspiration
  • Used up Ideas culture
  • Expectation Unique Admiration
  • Tempting Aesthetics: Beautiful Ugly
  • Deepen Art Science Mysticism
  • Remembering Show Performance
  • Imagination Fantasy Queen Ambition
  • Reconciliation Hurt Humiliation
  • Using up Sexuality
  • Neglecting Lazy Middle age
  • Rotting Town Province
  • Dwindling Voice Hearing

Group Analysis


Kali Arsenicosum

(Fowler's Solution)

Jan Scholten

Vithoulkas has talked about Kali Arsenicosum in relation to its fear of heart disease, but he hasn't said much about the rest of the mental symptoms. The first case I will present below is an old case, based in Vithoulkas picture, with little reference to the group analysis, because I did not know what to look for at that time. The second case includes the group analysis, based on the type of questions I had learned to ask by then.


  • Duty Redundancy
  • Principles Bailiff
  • Work Thieves
  • Rigidity Avarice Poverty
  • Alone Precise
  • Closed Alone
  • Restless
  • Dissolution

Group analysis


Typifying people is fallacious 


In daily experience it is seen that people in families and society are typified. Mr. X is a hysteric, he starts exploding over trifles. Mr. Y is loquacious; he stops all and grab their topic; starts lecturing but keeps changing the topic rapidly. Mr. Z has become childish; he is allured for everything like children; never satiates; always demands eatables. And so on so forth.


During the course of my studies in homeopathy I have observed that these are the deductions drawn in a family, a society or a community. Then I tried to obtain a data for such people and find a remedy (certainly Homeopathic) for such people. After their treatment I could observe a lot of change in the habits of such people. I do not claim any final word on this topic because such areas are always developing and are nurtured by forthcoming studies.


Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicines. It does not consider a person and his ailment as two opposite things in one organism; nor does it consider an ailment as an attack from some external pathogen. In homeopathy all ailments are just extension of the personality of an individual. 

Moreover, there is no disease in homeopathy. What is known as ailment is just a different mode of ‘transient personality’. This transition from the mean position of an organism, what is known as a disease in allopathy, is restored to normalcy with the help of remedies. These remedies do not work on any single part of an organism rather they affect the ‘Wholeness’ of that individual. Take any homeopathic remedy it would act on all parts of the body including the brain, the sensorium and the mind. 


Sycotic Miasm

  • We should make the distinction clear between gonorrhea and Sycosis.
  • Gonorrhea is the acute infection of the gonococci, which takes from five to ten days to develop a urethritis after an exposure.
  • Sycosis is established after a suppressed gonorrhea, when the acute infection is driven in upon the vital energy by external methods of suppression, and it then becomes a systematic stigma
  • The Sycotic patient is exceedingly suspicious. The suspicion extends to the point where he dare not trust himself and he must go back and repeat what he has done or said, and wonders if he goes back and starts again.
  • He is suspicious that he will be misunderstood, that his hearers will give the wrong meaning to what he is attempting to convey.
  • The Sycotic patient is cross and irritable; he is absent minded in certain things, and finds difficulty in getting the right word

BRB - A Case of Thuja

Age 41 yrs




On 07.12.13 He reported

  • A Mild throbbing which started in May, June, July 2013 in right side semi lateral temporal region;
  • Twitching of eyes with a feeling of being shrouded in a dark cloud;
  • MRI at that time showed nothing noticeable
  • Later he started a pain in the inner aspect of elbow joint which doctors diagnosed as Golfer Elbow
  • His Uric Acid was also diagnosed as to have been increased;
  • Urine was of light pale colour with no odour
  • He was unable to eat red chillies which caused inflammation in oesophagous, urethra and anus; this inflammation could be washed only by drinking a lot of water

Germanium Metallicum

Edward De Beukelaer


Germanium-met. was proven by Jeremy Sherr in 1992.

This short introduction to this remedy is based on a long article By Sonia Dole and Michel Zala that was published in ‘Les Echos du CLH’ 2000-2001. (magazine published by: CLH, 1 rue Vignoble, 4130 Esneux, Belgium)

According to Sonja Doyle:

Germ-m is close to Carcinosin. Germanium is more conscious about its anger. He feels bitterness and rancour within. Carcinosin appears as a conciliating and consenting prisoner. Germanium is perfectionist in order to gain good opinion from others. Carcinosin has a taste for the beautiful and perfect.

Germanium has a poor opinion of himself but still craves appreciation from others and simultaneously keeps a sense of pride (= paradox). There is bitterness but it stays within, it cannot come out. It is this rancour that stops the patient to like themselves and believe in themselves.

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