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BRB - A Case of Thuja

Age 41 yrs




On 07.12.13 He reported

  • A Mild throbbing which started in May, June, July 2013 in right side semi lateral temporal region;
  • Twitching of eyes with a feeling of being shrouded in a dark cloud;
  • MRI at that time showed nothing noticeable
  • Later he started a pain in the inner aspect of elbow joint which doctors diagnosed as Golfer Elbow
  • His Uric Acid was also diagnosed as to have been increased;
  • Urine was of light pale colour with no odour
  • He was unable to eat red chillies which caused inflammation in oesophagous, urethra and anus; this inflammation could be washed only by drinking a lot of water

Germanium Metallicum

Edward De Beukelaer


Germanium-met. was proven by Jeremy Sherr in 1992.

This short introduction to this remedy is based on a long article By Sonia Dole and Michel Zala that was published in ‘Les Echos du CLH’ 2000-2001. (magazine published by: CLH, 1 rue Vignoble, 4130 Esneux, Belgium)

According to Sonja Doyle:

Germ-m is close to Carcinosin. Germanium is more conscious about its anger. He feels bitterness and rancour within. Carcinosin appears as a conciliating and consenting prisoner. Germanium is perfectionist in order to gain good opinion from others. Carcinosin has a taste for the beautiful and perfect.

Germanium has a poor opinion of himself but still craves appreciation from others and simultaneously keeps a sense of pride (= paradox). There is bitterness but it stays within, it cannot come out. It is this rancour that stops the patient to like themselves and believe in themselves.


Psora Miasm


*  PSORA has numerous sensations of vertigo

*  brought on by walking, motion, looking up and quickly, rising from sitting or lying; bilious vertigo, floating, from digestive disturbances, with spots before the eyes; desire to keep quiet by lying down, which >.

*  There are sharp, severe, paroxysmal headaches which come on in the morning, increase as the sun rises and > when the sun goes down. These are usually frontal, temporal of parietal. The headaches with red face, throbbing, > by rest, quiet and sleep and > by hot applications are psoric.

*  The bilious nausea and vomiting, coming on at regular intervals, > from rest, quiet and sleep, are psoric.


How to treat puffy eyes


Puffy eyes are typically the result of a lack of sleep, but your eyes don't have to give it away.

Follow these steps to looking bright-eyed no matter what time you went to bed.

- Place a cooling agent on your eyes. Wrap a bag of frozen vegetables in a thin towel (you want to be able to feel the cold through it). Place it over closed eyes for 10 minutes. (Keep your head upright so gravity has a chance to help remove the fluid you’re retaining.)

- Soak a washcloth in cold chamomile tea and place it on your eyes for 10 minutes. The anti-inflammatory properties in chamomile will help reduce the puff.


Back from Death-Bed


This case was sent to me by one of my colleagues. The doctors in Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital, Mayur Vihar have returned him without further hope. He went to a particular private hospital. Doctors there, administered steroids to the patient but the unfortunate patient did not respond even to them. His stomach was extremely distended and swollen (Ascites). He could not take even the smallest amount of food. The doctors put him on substituted nutritive method. To add more to the problems he started having attacks of intermittent fever. Every time he felt a lump in his right upper stomach. Two days back he had faced respiratory attack and needed oxygen supply to survive. The doctors asked his family to go for liver transplantation.


Cowperthwaite Red Line Symptoms


1. Numbness and tingling in all parts.

2. Skin dry, burning hot, intense thirst for cold water, red face sometimes changing to pale.

3. Croupy cough, awakening in first sleep, particularly with children after dry, cold west wind.

4. Conjunctivitis resulting from exposure to dry, cold winds, from surgical operations or from a foreign body in the eye.

5. Cannot bear the pain, or to be touched, or to be uncovered.

6. First stages of inflammatory fevers, before localization, eruption, or exudation has occurred, characterized by great anxiety, and restlessness, often in chilly stages, before febrile symptoms have developed.

7. Hemoptysis, the blood comes up with an easy hawking, hemming or some coughing, either after mental excitement, after drinking wine, or exposure to dry cold air.

8. Numbness of the left arm, can scarcely move the head.

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