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Psychology of Phosphorus


#  The essence running through Phosphorus is a lack of personal boundaries, and it is this lack of boundaries that accounts for both the positive and the negative characteristics of the Phosphorus psyche

#  Phosphorus is like a sponge, absorbing all the impressions that are in the immediate environment, and then experiencing waves of emotion, both pleasant and unpleasant, which they produce.


#  The romantic poet John Keats describes Phosphorus' impressionability very clearly in a letter to a friend when he writes 'as to the poetic character ...it has no self; it is everything and nothing; it has no character; it enjoys light and shade.

#  As a result of the extraordinary 'openness' of the Phosphorus psyche, reality is a far broader and richer experience for Phosphorus than it is for most other mortals, but it is also more confusing and bewildering.

#  No type is more innocent than Phosphorus (though Pulsatilla, Baryta and China come close).


Comparative Study of Remedies

Read by title before I.H.A., Bureau of Materia Medica, June 17, 1938 by 



The object of this paper is to fix in our minds the great value of this remedy in its application to disease, and to fasten upon our memories similar remedies.

rgentum nitricum is an ancient remedy in the "Old Schools". The sticks of lunar caustic were called "lapis infernalis", which Hering speaks of as a prophetic name indicating the horrible abuse of it in our age. It is an irritant poisoning, causing violent inflammation and ulceration of the throat, stomach and mucous membranes generally. It is destructive to red blood corpuscles, causing general malnutrition; produces violent tetanic convulsions, followed by paralysis. Pains in all mucous membranes are sharp and splinter-like, and the discharge mucopurulent. 

The Argentum nit. patient is irrational; has all sorts of imaginations, illusions, and hallucinations, all of which are worse at night; extremely anxious, which put him in a hurry; he goes for a walk, and walks faster and faster; walks until he is fatigued. He fears he is going to have a fit or have a sickness. There is an inflowing of strange thoughts that in crossing a certain bridge or high place he might kill himself, or perhaps might jump off; or the actual impulse comes to jump off a high bridge into the water

Pulsatilla also had fear of high places, as has Nux vomica, although the temperaments are entirely different, the Pulsatilla being slow and phlegmatic, while the Nux vomica is irritable and impatient rather than hurried. 


Psychology of Graphites


►  A great many Graphites cases are given Calcarea, Pulsatilla and Natrum Muriaticum (without much effect), since these types have many features in common.

►  Graphites people have a kind of innocence. They are uncomplicated without being stupid, much as Calcarea people are.

►  Graphites differs from Calcarea in being more emotional and a little more introspective and shy. Her shyness (the vast majority of Graphites people are female) and her softness resembles that of Pulsatilla at first glance, but she is generally a deeper, more subtle person than Pulsatilla.

►  Graphites are gentle and sensitive, and yet more 'grounded' or down to earth than China, Phosphorus and Pulsatilla.

►  Graphites women are often to be found in the caring professions

►  The Graphites individual does not share only her positive characteristics with Calcarea, Natrum and Pulsatilla. Her negative traits can also be found on the whole in these other types.


The psychology of Mercury

► Mercurius, who is attracted to electronic gadgets, and gets bored with people

► they are eternal child 


► they are equipped with multiple talent

► very sensitive to temperature changes

► The Mercurius fool is not a proud type. He will talk to anyone. The question is, will anyone listen?

► Generally Mercurius is less aggressive

► The Mercurius fool tends to be very absent minded. One reason is that he lives entirely in the present. 


The psychology of Syphilinum

  • Syphilinum itself has a strange and disturbed mental picture


  • and can be spotted almost exclusively on the basis of physical symptomatology, family history and general features


  • The strangest and most fascinating aspect of Syphilinum's personality profile is the tendency for the individual to be attracted to all things connected with death.


  • most of the Syphilinum people I have treated have had a fine appreciation for beauty, and also a tendency to collect things


  • Given the origin of the nosode, it seems somehow fitting that Syphilinum individuals often have a fear of contamination.


  • One of the characteristic features of Syphilinum is a tendency to be self-destructive - to harm oneself


  • None of my Syphilinum patients have been alcoholics, but many seemed to use alcohol to excess when they were depressed, and many had a family history of either alcoholism or suicide (which has been confirmed by many other homeopaths).

Vaishnavi defeated Dengue

A Delicate Doll Defeated the Dreaded Dengue


In the evening of 25.9.13 my beti Vashnavi was down with the Dengue. She was reporting a bone-breaking pain all over and on measurement her temperature was found crossing 102 Deg F. She was almost unconscious and not in a position to tell me all her symptoms. I talked to one of my doctor friends who had seen her in the day time. He told me that she was suffering from Dengue.

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