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Homeopathic Miasms

By Roger Morrison

Miasm is staging a comeback. After nearly sinking into oblivion, Hahnemann’s concept is receiving tremendous attention in many locations. Harry van der Zee published his, Miasms during Labor describing the miasms in terms of Grof’s psychological insights. Jeremy Sherr recently published his scholarly book, Dynamic Materia Medica: A Study of the Syphilitic Miasm. Rudolph Ballentine’s new book, Radical Healing deals mainly with miasm. And Rajan Sankaran has been slowly evolving his concept of miasm for the past 10 or more years. Why this sudden rebirth of interest in the concept that Hahnemann proposed 175 years ago?

A Little History . . .


Allergies and Homeopathy



Dust Allergy and Homeopathy

There are people who feel that they have problems from inhaling dust. They may have respiratory problems or nasal catarrh or some continuous coryza, may it be anything but the result is always an aggravating effect on the patient. During my course of study and research in homeopathy I found a number of homeopathic remedies properly addressing the problem.

It is sure and certain that an experienced homeopath cannot be replaced by such written presentation still in acute circumstances the patients get relief or at least a time to approach the right prescriber.


Homeopathy for Infants and Children

Homeopathy is very helpful for the ailments of your tiny tots. Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicines therefore your infants can be saved from the a handful of medicines in acute problems.

As I have written in my another article Approach of Homeopathy from My Point Of View that homeopathy does not have resort to the principle of compensation therefore it also gives you a relief from being extra-cautious about germs and virus etc.

These remedies have shown great outcomes but still the intention of this article is not to replace an experienced homeopath


Homeopathy in Bladder Troubles

By. DR. AVERSENQ, of Toulouse


Among the remedies which are apt to relieve pain in the kidneys, radiating towards the bladder, there are three which prove helpful in the majority of cases. They are Berberis vulgaris, Sarsaparilla and Pareira Brava. Berberis vulgaris, which is usually prescribed in potencies ranging from the 3rd to the 6th centesimal, acts particularly upon the left kidney. It is useful if there is burning pain in the left kidney region. In addition it is useful if there are symptoms, such as pain in the lower part of the back, radiating into the legs, pain along the spermatic cord, pain in hips and thighs while urinating, brick red sediment in the urine. We can make use of Berberis in all cases of kidney stone and of infected kidneys, especially if infection is done to the bacillus coli. It should be prescribed either by itself, or in alternation with other remedies, which should be prescribed in accordance with individual conditions.

Sarsaparilla may be prescribed with success in cases of colic of the right kidney with or without bleeding, which affects the bladder as well. This remedy also is usually prescribed in potencies ranging from the 3rd to the 6th centesimal.


The influence of Homœopathic remedies on dreams

By Dr Devrient

Presented by Sylvain Cazalet

Dreams :

    1. Dreams of Fortune

    2. Dreams which exhaust

    3. Dreams of emotion

    4. Dreams of anxiety (nightmare)

    5. Dreams of different ages

I. Dreams of Fortune

Here the prominent remedies are : Sulphur, Anhalonium and Opium. It may be considered superfluous to think of influencing these charming occupations of the night, but in some instances these symptoms may become so overwhelming that they must be looked upon as pathological. The homœopathic treatment of the two prominent dreams of fortune reduces the magnified symptoms to the normal level. The well known figure of the Sulphur Patient appeals to us first. We meet here the dilapidated, untidy philosopher, in whom vision takes the place of reality, whose rags he considers the finest raiments, and to whom real life is stranger. Of course, we do not want to rob him of his pleasant dreams, but when they, in connection with other somatic symptoms demand Sulphur, then we must not remain inactive, especially if these patients become the worry of their families and a menace to society.

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