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  • Ebola is a disease of humans and other mammals caused by an Ebola virus.
  • The symptoms start appearing two days to three weeks after getting the infection of this virus.
  • Its immediate symptoms are fever, sore throat, muscle pain and headaches, coupled with vomiting, diarrhea and rashes on the skin. There may be gangrenous decay in the skin also.
  • After this disease proceeds with decreased functions of the liver and kidneys and finally their failure.
  • Around this time, affected people may begin to bleed both within the body and externally. This is called internal and external hemorrhage.
  • Death, if it occurs, is typically 6 to 16 days from the start of symptoms and often due to low blood pressure from fluid loss.


1. The first treatment is likely to be given with the help of ARSENICUM ALBUM and ACONITUM.


Terminology in Boericke's Repertory

  1. A hordeolum - is a common disorder of the eyelid.It is an acute focal infection (usually staphylococcal) involving either the glands of Zeis (external hordeola, or styes) or, less frequently, the meibomian glands (internal hordeola).
  2. Assasinated - To murder (a prominent person) by surprise attack, as for political reasons.,To destroy or injure
  3. Asthenia - Weakness. Lack of energy and strength.
  4. Bright’s disease - is a historical classification of kidney diseases that would be described in modern medicine as acute or chronic nephri
  5. Coma - A state of unconsciousness from which the patient cannot be aroused, even by powerful stimuli.
  6. Coma Vigil - Extreme dementia with cortical white matter degeneration which may accompany apparently uncomplicated head injuries
  7. Crusta lac´tea - seborrhea of the scalp of nursing infants.
  8. Epiphora – an excessive tear production usually a result from an irritation of the eye


Dr Vivek N Patil


Carbon in its purity is found only in the diamond. We have it comparatively pure, however, in the lampblack, or Carboneum. Carbon will necessarily be somewhat different in its action according to the source from which we obtained it.

Hahnemann used principally three carbons, CARBO ANIMALIS, CARBO VEGETABILIS and GRAPHITES. The first he derived from the animal kingdom, the second from the vegetable, while the last was an artificial product found principally lining the interior of large iron retorts. Carbo Animalis is obtained principally from bones. It contains some phosphate of lime. Carbo Veg. contains some carbonate of potash. It is obtained principally from a variety of the beech-tree.

Graphites is always contaminated with more or less iron. Hence you see that these are not pure carbons. I have also placed on the board, the Sulphate of Aniline which behaves like a carbon and is a carbonaceous compound. Then too, we have Carboneum and Carbonic oxide. Carbonic acid gas does not seem to possess active medicinal properties. It is not very poisonous. Its main deleterious effects are due to deprivation of oxygen. Carbonic oxide is much more poisonous, producing death, not only by suffocation, by displacing the needed oxygen, but by another remarkable peculiarity. It has the property or peculiarity of displacing oxygen from the blood and taking its place there. You know that oxygen is carried along in the blood by the red corpuscles. Carbonic oxide has the power of supplanting the oxygen in these structures. For a time, it seems to act like oxygen, but soon its poisonous properties are manifested with all the inevitable results of asphyxia. Coal gas, which we obtain by slow combustion of coal, and the illuminating gas used in our large cities, are of this character. They produce serious effects when taken in large quantities, especially when the subject is deprived of the ordinary atmosphere.




Ox gall is a remedy of very ancient use. It is used in the old-school mostly as a purgative; for preventing putrefactive changes in the intestines, and for increasing peristalsis. It is sometimes given along with Opium to prevent the constipating effect of that drug. In the stomach, bile is a foreign body, precipitating pepsin and causing irritation of the stomach. It does not aid the digestion either of albumen or of farinaceous substances.

Fel Tauri has been proved homeopathically by Buchner, and has produced a few characteristic symptoms: disordered digestion, diarrhoea, headache, pains in joints, and cramps. It removed a tendency to sleep after eating. Several symptoms were noticed in nape of neck.

Fel Tauri increases the duodenal secretion, emulsifies fats and increases the action of the intestines. Liquefies bile and acts as a purgative and Chologogue.


Gallstones and Homeopathy


Only homeopathic remedies can cure Gallstone (sometime mis-spelt as Gall Stones or Gall Stone) is the solidified bile in the biliary ducts. It causes colics in abdominal area. Gallstones can be ascertained only through sonographic analysis.

  • The ordinary gallstones are cholesterol, black pigment, and brown pigment.
  • The majority of gallstones do not cause their symptoms.
  • Generally the symptoms of gallstones are biliary colic.
  • Gallstones do not cause intolerance to fatty foods, belching, abdominal distention, or gastric problems.
  • Complications of gallstones may induce gangrene of the gallbladder, jaundice, pancreatitis, sepsis, fistula, and ileus.
  • The best single test for ascertaining gallstones is trans-abdominal ultrasonography.

We are giving you here a brief description to chose from, depending upon your symptoms:


An Amazing Case of Blood Pressure


Last year I came across an amazing case of a patient. The patient was a judge by profession; aged about 50 years, very versatile in life and widely accepted and respected in his circle of familiarities. Just by a look upon him he appears to a very calm, quite, serene, and adjustable nature. He told that he was having blood pressure for about last 30 years since the time when he met with an accident. He fell down in a deep well onto a hard surface inside that well. His spinal cord was ruptured and he got a paralysis attack on the left side of the body. As a consequence of blunt force trauma he got his jaw displaced with a few teeth injured/partially broken.

Since that accident he had been suffering from a blood pressure. He had been taking one tablet of Amlopress AT daily with Telma 20 or 40 mg as per requirement. He is plethoric in appearance but this plethora was not flabbiness. He is more muscular and solid. He appears to be quite calm and peaceful. His cholesterol is 225+ and LDL is 140+. His blood sugar is presently 170+. His normal blood pressure goes up to 160+/120+ and pulse 120. His skin was always found moist; with an aggravation by heat. He could not tolerate any heat in any form but strangely he always preferred bath in warm water even in the month of June. In the childhood he told he was having a suppurating skin.

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