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His Perception

 His Perception

Being in a perceptive mode is a greater part of the achievements, if I start counting them in my life span. Some people claim to be ‘the doers’ and others to be ‘the participators’. I also did it at some early stages of my life. But then it appeared to me that it was illusive to a great extent.
As I saw, participation and doing are not the modes of existence rather these are only the attributes to that existence. And here lies the crux of that great and age – old fallacy. This fallacy was - whether to assume the role of the doer and call your roads as scientific progress or just to perceive yourself as ‘doing’. In the first mode of existence you place yourself at the centre and call your yourself as the doer. Mostly the western world has that sort of perception. It energizes you to achieve and undertake. But in accidental circumstances it crumbles you. It inflates you to the maximum possible extent. But it deflates you too near to the extinctions also. More on this aspect will be discussed later on ...

It is this second mode where your deeds are not your efforts rather these are your natural flows. Here you do not "do" acts rather they percolate from your physical organism. Some western friends may find it difficult to understand how an action is not done and despite that it is percolated by a physical body. Some glimplses of this will be discussed in a Hindi article Maya. Possibly it may help them to some extent.


You “do” because it is your nature to do;  and not because that you are aimed to do. If it is your nature to “do” then the action remains constricted only to the level of your body (and for that matter your brain is a part of the body). But if you are aimed to “do” then your whole existence is involved there. The deed becomes paramount and you become subservient.
Those who exist at the body level neither of the modes makes much difference but those who have risen somewhere to the level of the consciousness these modes are essentially material. Those who had experienced it would agree.

Here it is not the objective to term one level of existence superior to the other; the only objective is to underline their duality. However both are essential for a smooth functioning of the universe.

I just sow the seed of ascendance to see a blossomed plant subsequently in forthcoming parts of this collection of thoughts.

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