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PS Malik speaks on: Sex and Meditation are two alternative ways to begin with …


People come and ask me if sex is a taboo to attain awakening. And I always explain them that awakening and sex are two different stages. Awakening is a state of existence and sex may be used as a means to attain that state of existence. Sex is like a jungle. It allures people with its flowers; its fragrances; its fruits. But it offers a risk also. The risk of being lost inside it is there; and hence, mostly people have a fear of being lost in this jungle of flowers, fragrances and fruits. I ask my pupil that the journey for bliss cannot start with a fear. You start it with fearlessness. Do not be scared of sex. It is not scary. It is merely alluring; alluring to take you astray so long as you are not aware of the sex itself.

The basis of all sins is your ignorance. You are ignorant of sex and you have made it a sin; a taboo. You are ignorant of awakening and you have made it a ritual; a penance. You are ignorant of meditation and you have made it a mystical practice; an esoteric formula. When you enter meditation; when you start entering it you find that it was not so complicated as it was described by the experts.


प्रेम और वासना


बड़ा विस्तृत इतिहास का हिस्सा है जिसमें विद्वानों ने प्रेम और वासना के इस द्वैत की चर्चा की, इस पर मन्तव्य लिखे और पता नहीं क्या क्या किया। अब ये जो कुछ भी किया गया इसे समझ लेना 

जरूरी है ताकि इस पर कोई सार्थक बात कही जा सके।

प्रेम द्वैत से शुरू होता है। यहाँ शुरु में दो होते हैं। कुछ कारणों से दोनों में पारस्परिक सहअस्तित्व की कामना होती है। विज्ञान इन कारणों को रासायनिक मानता है और फ़ेरोमोन्स पर आधारित शास्त्र के द्वारा इक सहकार की भावना को समझाता है। परस्पर एक दूसरे के कॉम्पलीमेंटरी फ़ेरोमोन्स आपस में खिंचते हैं, आकर्षित होते हैं। धर्म इसमें संस्कार और नियति की भूमिका देखता है। जब दो व्यक्तियों के संस्कार और नियति जुड़ते हैं तभी उनमें सहकार की भावना और प्रेम आदि पनपते हैं। संस्कार उन्हें नज़दीक लाते हैं और नियति उन्हें साथ रखती है। परन्तु इन दोनों ही धाराओं से एकतरफ़ा प्रेम प्रसंगों को समझने में कठिनाई होती है। उन्हें फ़ेरोमोन्स की अपूर्णता कहें या संस्कारों और नियति का मज़ाक कहें ये एकतरफा प्रेम प्रसंग बहुत दुरूह होते हैं। 

लेकिन सिद्धान्तों और मूल्यों से परे जब आप अपने ऑब्ज़र्वेशन पर ध्यान देते हो तो आप को इस सृष्टि में अधूरेपन की एक पूरी शृंखला दिखाया देती है। बिल्कुल ही आधार में पुरुष-प्रकृति (चेतन व जड़ का द्वैत) के अधूरेपन की शृंखला है। दोनों अधूरे हैं एक दूसरे से मिलकर पूरे होते हैं। इनके मिलने से ही सृष्टि बन सकती है वरना नहीं। यह अधूरे पन का पहला स्तर है।


Yoga Misunderstood so far …

Yoga is the only methodology available with the humanity which has anatomized the human existence without opening a human body. It is the oldest and the deepest psychology of the human existence. It is unlike the present day psychology which studies only the mind of the subjects. Yoga is not constrained to the personality, mind or any aspect of mind of people; rather it gives a complete description of the whole existence of the humanity, its mental fabric and a methodology to transcend it.


Yoga in itself has been a diverse field. In Indian philosophy many a schools attach themselves to Yoga. Ashtangik Yoga, Gyan Yoga,   Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Tantra Yoga are a few schools attached to Yoga. This article constrains itself to the Ashtangik Yoga only. In this article term Yoga will refer to the Ashtangik Yoga as propounded by Patanjali in Yoga Sutra.

Whatever practical about a human being can be said about his physic, psyche, mind and Chetna (in English no better word than awareness is available for this) is there in Yoga Sutra. Yoga Sutra starts with the proposition that the mind’s expositions (Vritti) are attracted to the worldly objects (Vishayas) and by confining mind’s expositions from being attracted to the worldly objects a seeker can realize his existence and hence liberate himself from this world’s afflictions.


Prostitution of Spirituality


Prostitution is offering one’s body for money. Here offering body is important. A laborer does not offer his body, he offers only his labor for money. Here the difference between offering body and offering labor should not be lost of sight. Prostitution is not gender specific. A female or a male any one can be a prostitute. Male prostitutes are known with a specific noun – gigolo. Another type of male prostitution is also prevalent among Gays. Simply they offer their body for the enjoyment of others. In return they receive money.

Here are two sides. One enjoys the body and the other enjoys the money. For the first one, the money is worthless against body and for the second one the body is worthless against the money. For convenience, you may call the first one prostitute and the second one the customer. The prostitute seeks money and spends body for that. The customer seeks body and spends money for that. The prostitute is hungry of money. The customer is hungry of body.


PS Malik speaks on: Meditation Is No Mind State

Meditation is a state of no-mind. Mind is all evil. Meditation is a state of no-evil. Meditation is a state of pure consciousness with no content. Ordinarily, your consciousness is too full of rubbish, just like a mirror covered with dust. The mind is a constant traffic junction: Random thoughts are moving here, desires are moving, memories are moving, ambitions are moving - it is a continuously moving traffic! Day in, day out. Even when you are asleep the mind is working, it is dreaming. Its traffic is still moving; rushing with full vigor. The mind is still thinking; it is still in worries and anxieties. It is preparing for the next day; an underground preparation is going on.
This is the state of mind and mindfulness. This is the state of no meditation. Just the opposite is meditation. In Meditation there is no mind nor mindfulness. When there is no traffic of thoughts, no traffic of desires, no traffic of ambitions the thinking has ceased, no thoughts move, no desire stirs, you are utterly silent - that silence is meditation. And in that silence the truth is revealed, the truth is known, and never otherwise. Meditation is a state of no-mind.
The first thing is to know what meditation is. Everything else follows. I cannot say to you that you should do meditation; I can only explain to you what it is. If you understand me, you will be in meditation; there is no set of Dos and Donts.

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