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-- प्रताप


अँधेरे में यदि रास्ते पर रस्सी पड़ी हो तो वह साँप होने का आभास देती है। जब प्रकाश की सहायता से उसे देखा जाता है तो साँप ओझल हो जाता है और रस्सी रह जाती है। श्री शंकराचार्य कहते हैं कि जिस प्रकार प्रकाश में देखने पर साँप गायब हो जाता है और रस्सी का होना शेष बचता है, उसी प्रकार उच्चतम ज्ञान के प्रकाश में देखने पर यह रस्सी भी गायब हो जायेगी और ब्रह्म शेष बचेगा। श्री शंकराचार्य बताते हैं कि जो शक्ति रस्सी को साँप दिखा रही थी वह भ्रम कहलाती है तथा जो शक्ति ब्रह्म को रस्सी दिखा रही है वह माया कहलाती है। जिस प्रकार भ्रम का कारण एक अज्ञान था जो सामान्य प्रकाश के आने से दूर हो गया उसी प्रकार माया का कारण अविद्या है जो उच्चतम ज्ञान के आने से समाप्त हो जाती है। 

शंकर अस्तित्त्व के तीन स्तर बताते हैं। पहला वह स्तर जिसपर परिस्थितियाँ सामान्य न होने पर कुछ का कुछ दिखाई पड़ता है, रस्सी का साँप दिखाई पड़ता है। यह भ्रम का स्तर है। शंकर इसे प्रातिभासिक स्तर कहते हैं। शंकर के अनुसार दूसरा स्तर वह है जहाँ जगत की सभी वस्तुएँ दिखाई पड़ती हैं। यह व्यवहारिक स्तर है। सभी सामान्य जन इसी व्यवहारिक स्तर पर जीते हैं। जिस प्रकार प्रकाश आदि के ज्ञान से भ्रम समाप्त हो जाता है उसी प्रकार ब्रह्मज्ञान से व्यवहारिक सत्ताएँ भी समाप्त हो जाती हैं। और तब जो शेष बचता है वही ब्रह्म है। देखने वाले के स्तर पर भी और वस्तु के स्तर पर भी। यहाँ महत्त्वपूर्ण यह है कि श्री शंकराचार्य के अनुसार ब्रह्म को जाना नहीं जा सकता है परन्तु ब्रह्म हुआ जा सकता है।


The Post Quantum God


This article is a sequel of my earlier article “God of Contradictions”. It would be easy to appreciate it after reading the first one.

The science took lead in attacking the God. And then on being satisfied, after Nietzsche’s declaration regarding the death of the God, the scientists went ahead in the pursuit of giving this world a science suited God which would be well tested on all scientific laws and principles. Almost all scientists tried to defy or define the God. Some of them tried to carve it out of the physical material or obtain it as a product of some difficult chemical reaction.

In the early nineteenth century when the science was coming to its juvenility they concluded that the matter was everything; and the matter was only the thing which existed. Subsequently Einstein in the early twentieth century made some correction and declared that it is not the matter only rather it is the totality of the matter and energy which is conserved. He found that the matter and energy were inter-convertible. It was in fifties of the twentieth century when Schrödinger with the help of his parable of quantum cat made an announcement regarding the peaceful demise of the “Matter”. He said proudly that the matter existed no more.


God of Contradictions


Birth of the God and its early childhood:

Learned ones say that in the early years of his birth, man needed an answer to all the mystic questions posed by the nature. Wherever he had no reason he invented a super-reason. He called this super reason – the God.

Subsequently this concept of God was coupled with  life, norms of life, moral conduct, social values, rituals and performances. As the consciousness of man developed and he evolved a systematic study of surroundings his this super reason and the mysticism around it started being questioned. The super reason and all related mysticism were then known as religion and this systematic study of surroundings is known as science. The friction between the religion and the science has been an essential part of the human history of civilization.

The God and its theory have always been under the attack not from the scientists only, which goes a few hundred years back in time, but also from those members of the society who claimed themselves to be analytics and are as old as is the society and the concept of the God. They claim that they are as old as is the God. History calls them as atheists.


Vigyan Bhairav Tantra All 112 Methods

One of the most ancient texts and meditation manuals is Shiva's 5000-year-old Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, which is concerned with how to go beyond the mind, to attain glimpse of the consciousness which exists apart from the mind. It is here that one should not be identified with the mind, and this is the fallacy of the West; that we are our minds. For us not to be identified with our minds, to know that the mind is only a moving process, like walking, but not the same as our consciousness, this is the message of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. And all the techniques of meditation are not concerned with how the mind operates, but rather are concerned only about how to find the door outside the mind to find the open sky of consciousness.

The very setting is most amazing. Unlike the neurotic anti-sex fundamentalism of monotheism, of some religions and all repressive teachings, the setting here is Shiva speaking to Devi, while she is sitting in intercourse on his lap! Tantra is a valley of relaxation that energizes each person, verses what we know as sex to be; a peak of energy that is to be released. The words of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra were originally written in a love language of depth we have yet to fully understand. And in such love, like meditation and death, there is a complete surrendering and letting go to the Methods the procedures. This is the setting of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. This setting of delivering knowledge is unique and it is also unparallel in the entire all time philosophical world.

Complete surrendering itself needs no methods, no techniques, however it is the question of how to surrender, thus the techniques.


Spirituality is not the Morality  

A few days back a story drew media’s attention the most. A woman called her paramour to her house and in the evening when they both were making love she triggered a bullet into him. Police came and arrested the woman claiming that she broke a law by killing a person and she would be punished accordingly. Some neighbours said that it was highly immoral to spend time with one’s paramour by the time they are not committed to each other. Others said that it was not ethical to call a person to your home and kill him in the name of love. Pujari Ji said that the religion was going to sink if such love relations would be fostered to kill others. 

By the evening this matter became the centre of discussion of the entire neighbourhood and then the whole locality. Everyone was expressing same or similar views. In the evening a small boy came and turned the tables just upside down. He solved every thing. He said that every one of those critiques was so despaired because the inhabitants of that colony, including the critiques were not spiders. The entire problem was there because that was a society of homo sapience and not of the six legged web weaving insect.


Meditation is Non-doing

When people come to me and they ask, "How to meditate?" I tell them, "There is no need to ask how to meditate, just ask how to remain unoccupied. Meditation happens spontaneously.  Just ask how to remain unoccupied, that's all. That's the whole trick of meditation - how to remain unoccupied. Then you cannot do anything. The meditation will flower.

When you are not doing anything the energy moves towards the centre, it settles down towards the centre. When you are doing something the energy moves out. Doing is a way of moving out. Non-doing is a way of moving in. Occupation is an escape. You can read the Bible, you can make it an occupation. There is no difference between religious occupation and secular occupation: all occupations are occupations, and they help you to cling outside your being. They are excuses to remain outside.

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